To All the Men I’ve Loved Before

Today is “Epiphany Day” for me.  Epiphany days are specific dates given to me, by my spirit guides, to alert me of upcoming change;  change of energy, change of perspective and “leveling up” to my next level of consciousness.  And so today seems to be full of epiphanies about my true souls nature, LOVE, and why I have loved the men I have loved in my life.

I’ve recently been put in a situation where I have been allowed to view connections from a different perspective.  We can either run from things or we can stare right back into the face of it and realize what it is and why it is here.  If it doesn’t feel right, the question must be asked; “What’s going on, here?”

I am an energy healer.  I always have been and always will be!  But it’s just dawned on me this morning the reason why I have loved the men that I have is, because of my natural willingness to HEAL others, I am immediately attracted to the broken ones.  I want to love them, help them and heal them.  I want them to know that they, too, are worthy of love, and so this has been the basis of my relationship decisions in this lifetime!  Of course I always pursued these relationships with the expectation they would last forever but they never did.  Much of the time they presented hurt and emotional turmoil most likely because these men could not love me the way I WANTED to be loved nor did I love them the way they wanted to be loved.  So here’s to all the broken people out there, because you need all the love you can get!  Just know that you ARE worthy of love, you just need to learn how to attract the right kind of love into your lives!   I want to thank you, as well, for providing me the much needed lessons in life for me to finally get to the perspective I have now and the ability to notice the difference between real love (which is easy) and someone who is crying out for help.

So this time I am choosing not to pursue another potential disaster for my heart!  I don’t care how much attention you give to me; just because you are giving me attention does not mean I have to fall in love with it.  ❤   This time, instead of running away or avoiding it I am going to stare right back at it and tell it the truth as to why it is attracted to ME and, well, it may be YOU running for the hills after I tell you.  Lol.  So mote it be. ❤

Sabrina Jean

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  1. It’s like reading from my higher self! I’ve had this conversation with myself soo many times…I think I should put it in writing too. Thank you!


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