Are You Feeling Stuck?

This happens to all of us, including myself!  Sometimes we find ourselves in between where we are and where we want to go.  We can feel the excitement for where we are going but somehow, for some reason, we are stuck in the middle, waiting for something to happen.  Sometimes, when we are waiting for something new to come into our life we need to find the ability to slow down and move through our life “frame by frame”.  Like a movie, you know?  When you know how to use intention to create changes in your life it’s very easy to forget that you also need to “allow” the time and space to create the change.  This takes time.  Depending on what you’ve created it could be days or it could be months.  Or longer!  Just know that your creation has been acknowledged, and is in process.

So what do you do in the meantime?  You are neither here nor there and need something NEW,  now.  You could try relaxing into meditation and seek intuitive comfort in the stillness.  You might go for a walk, visit with nature or perhaps make some new acquaintances OR you can create newness in your life without even having to leave your home, your job whatever your situation is.   All you have to do is ASK.  In the silence, ASK for new experiences.  Ask for new opportunities.  Ask for new realizations.  Ask for clarity!  Any of these should come almost immediately; at least within 24 hours.  While you are waiting for the bigger and better things you can also create change in employment, your position, your home.  You also have the ability to change your diet – try eating more healthy foods as there are many psychological and spiritual benefits to eating fresh fruits and vegetables. Try drinking more water. Even the smallest changes will create a profound difference in your life.

Try something now!

Be Well ❤

Sabrina Jean

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