Experiencing Timeline “Shifts”

You’ve heard the term “ascension”, right?  Although everyone has their own interpretation of what ascension is, at least, what it means for them, as a whole we are all growing and expanding consciousness itself.  We are evolving.  We are expanding. There comes a point when you have “expanded” so much so that you literally “feel” different than the reality you are experiencing and this is when, I believe, we are experiencing a timeline shift; not here, not there, but somewhere in between the 3d existence and the 5d existence (or higher, for others!).

Let me explain a bit more.  About a week ago I had an “episode” where I felt like I needed to run away.  This episode lasted for a day or two and I was literally ready to walk away from everything in my life in order to create change and to embrace the new opportunities that I know are out there waiting for me.  But at the same time I was feeling it wasn’t the time for this.  I felt it so strongly though!  It’s as if I am already living my future life or at least I am ready to get on with it, but in the 3d world I am still stuck in my past life.  LOL.   Confusing, isn’t it?

These are the times that I ask for clarity, because obviously my mind is doing things that my 3d reality isn’t aligned with!  Usually when I ask for clarity it comes within 24 hours, if not sooner.  I begin to see messages everywhere.  I am drawn in the direction that will give me information and clarity and everything seems to keep coming back to zero point.  “Now”.  Bottom line is, all any of us really need to do at any given time is relax into our current situation, find some sort of comfort and reason within it and realize the “in betweens” of life are put there in order for us to gain a different perspective and to help us realize what we “don’t” necessarily want in life.

Because I found myself in some sort of uncomfortable void that I wasn’t sure how to get myself out of I decided the only thing I could do, for now, was to further change myself.  So I grabbed my handy Pleiadian Workbook and proceeded to perform more energy sessions on myself, and what I experienced afterwards was so profound I am still not quite sure how to explain it.  The results were an overwhelming influx of emotional comfort, unconditional love, trust, connection, bonding, yin/yang balancing, strongly grounded feelings.  Talk about an energetic whammy!!  Even though I know I am still physically experiencing my old 3d life I am now more aligned with the higher consciousness of myself which is allowing me to find more grounding and comfort in where I am at this particular point in time.  It is also allowing me to practice more neutrality of being (and not expecting) which allows me to comfortably be in a state of allowing and receiving everything that needs to come into my life, now.  In this process things in my life keep falling away, as I simply don’t need to keep anything that creates more resistance from the inevitable.  It is true that when we stop struggling, we float.

So here I am on this 12th day of September, 2017, floating yet again, somewhere in between alternate realities.  This feeling is exhilarating and my body buzzes with energetic excitement for the near future; I know it, I can feel it, and I embrace it.

I hope you are all doing well in your experiences, too!  Just remember when the going seems to get tough, simply surrender and allow!

Sabrina Jean

Would you like to read more about my transitional experiences?  A year ago I was in a completely different place in my life.  A year and a half ago I found my way OUT of the matrix.  And so it began!  I wrote a book about it:   Guided By Synchronicity

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