The Year of The One (2017)

So, how did yesterday’s eclipse serve you?   Knowing that not everyone was blessed enough to be in the path of “totality”, everyone IS still allowed to benefit from it no matter their standpoint.  For me, it was a simple “ending and beginning”; I closed doors I have never closed before and allowed new ones to open.  Even today, the day after the eclipse, I continue to have epiphanies and realizations that I have been waiting to receive and it was just a matter of time before I was aligned with it and tuned into it and able to receive and understand it.

This is how life goes.  This is how we grow!  Everything is a matter of taking baby steps from one moment to another, one energy to another, one belief system to another.  All you ever have to do is try and you will automatically level yourself up when you have aligned yourself with it.

Today’s post I’ve entitled “The Year of The One” because I remember seeing this all over the internet last year and I wasn’t quite sure if I should be scared of it or excited for it.   “The Year of The One”, from what I could understand at the time, was a representation of all of us coming together as one in consciousness.  We are becoming the one collective, one society, one species.  But watching this year unfold and the events it has presented to us I feel a better explanation would be each of us are becoming the one ourself.  We are becoming “whole”, individually.  As much as we need to love one another and support each other it’s just as important for us to be self-supporting and magnificent all by ourselves.  Own your power!

I’m hoping your experiences this year so far have been positive ones and that you, too, continue to move forward.  Just remember that sometimes it doesn’t feel like we are moving forward, it feels like we’re in limbo; but being in limbo is just a time when we need to relax and enjoy wherever we are at that given moment and allow life to catch up to us and the dreams we have manifested for ourselves.

All is well ❤

Sabrina cropped-red.jpg



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