You May Think I’m Scattered …

But I’m not!

What one considers “scattered energy” another may consider as “focused attentions”.  The other day a very good friend of mine mentioned his concern to me that he perceived me to be (on Facebook) “scattered”.  He then recommended that I try to narrow down my scatteredness to one thing!  He said “since December I have seen you have interest in Breathenarianism, then Numerology, then Ascension, then Veganism etc. and I am concerned that you don’t know what you want or what to focus on”.

I thanked him for his opinion and then I proceeded to correct him.  😉

My response was “I don’t feel scattered, and it’s interesting that you perceive me this way.  What you consider as scattered energy is just my ability to focus on whatever tool I feel will help me continue to flow, learn and heal myself at any given time.  What works best for me on one day doesn’t necessarily work best for me the next day!  Each morning when I wake up I tune myself into whatever I and my body are feeling.  I reach into my “tool bag” and pull out the best tool to help me through the day with as much flow of ease as possible.

Throughout my life I have had focused interests in astrology, numerology, reiki, tarot cards, anything metaphysical, healthy lifestyles, exercise, meditation, color healing, emotional healing, mental healing and the list goes on and on.   Some days have a heavier influence than others, and since I enjoy maintaining my emotions, health and life with efficiency, improvement and analyzation (Virgo!!) I like to be on top of things so that they don’t weigh me down.  I don’t necessarily like unexpected surprises and would much rather be prepared to handle an event than get hit at the last minute without being ready to tackle it head on.   This is just me, and this is the way that I am.  I like it this way, even though you might not understand it.   I love being me!

Just remember that others may not necessarily understand why you are the way you are but it’s not their life to deal with anyway.  As long as you’re not hurting others, just keep doing what you are doing.  What matters most is that you are always doing the best thing for yourself  ❤


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