The Signs (and answers) are Everywhere!

Today’s lesson is about slowing down your life and paying attention to everything around you.  Most of society is in a crazy rush and the worst thing about this is that they are so busy rushing through life they really have no idea what’s going on around them because they continue to focus on everything except themselves.  This proves to be the biggest obstacle in learning meditation techniques and quieting the mind, as there are so many other things vying for your attention; it’s as if “something” is presenting a challenge for you to prevent you from connecting to your own divine essence, and guidance.  But when you stop focusing your attention on anything and everything but yourself you begin to notice all of the tiny little things that are always there but have simply been waiting for you to stop, and start paying attention.

Yesterday I was enjoying my nature walk/hike in the woods.   This allows me an opportunity to remove myself from my normal surroundings and just empty my head, and create “space” within for messages to appear.  I find when I’m in nature (and quiet!) it’s the best place for me to remember who I am, to remove all other obstacles and distractions from myself and just BE.

It is in the SILENCE, where the answers will come. ❤

I am at a bit of a crossroads in my personal life and needing to make some serious decisions about my immediate future; decisions that will have a profound effect on the next direction in life I want to go, so of course I want to make the right decisions.  As I was walking along the trees, the fragrant flowers and gentle breezes I allowed myself to relax and flow with nature.  As I am tossing potential ideas through my mind I envisioned the perfect experience for myself and suddenly I stopped, looked into the trees and said out loud “Could I really be so lucky to have this??”.  I took a deep breath, exhaled, and as I started to walk again I looked to my right and saw a dollar bill on the ground.   Hmmmm.  I found it interesting how this dollar ended up in the woods, on the side of the road, seemingly in perfect shape, at the perfect time, to answer my question!!


If you follow numerology, angel numbers and the vibrational meaning of numbers you will know that 1’s represent independence and positive thinking.  When you see a sequence of 1’s (anywhere) they are a reminder to keep thinking positively and focus on positive outcomes.  When you see 1111 this is usually a reminder that we are always guided, our guardian angels and spirit guides are always around us and to stay on track with your plans and goals because doing so will bring you what you desire.

This dollar bill confirmed to me “Yes.  You ARE so lucky”.   But I wouldn’t have even seen this bill on the ground if I had not been taking slow, deliberate and appreciative steps in nature.

Most people spend their days rushing from one moment to the next!  Can you imagine all of the things you could be missing, if this is you?  You will never begin to see or hear any messages until you slow down …   So why don’t you start slowing down today?  How about now??  Lol.

Have an awesome day!  I hope you receive many confirmations and messages today!  ❤


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