Intuitive Healing; Realizations

I am a big advocate of meditation and breathing techniques.  Any time I have an opportunity to share with someone the benefits of meditation and “how to” quiet the mind and meditate I always suggest to them to simply focus on “the breath” instead of the thoughts dancing around in their head.  Just a few moments ago I was on the floor practicing a bit of yoga when it suddenly came to me…

All my life I have struggled with breathing issues and respiratory illnesses which are, in fact, related and connected to our heart chakra and emotions.  Asthma is said to be caused by emotional burdens we take on ourselves which also cause physical discomfort in our shoulders.   When I was a baby, I already had asthma.  As I grew older I continued to have issues with breathing and also sinus infections, and as a young adult I became addicted to smoking cigarettes which are, in fact, a chemical emotional support supplement (hahaha this is the best explanation I could come up with for this!) and although I am generally happy and positive in nature I could not help but to focus in a negative way the burden and sadness I experienced through respiratory illness.  This, of course, only made things worse.   I even once had a nightmare where I actually woke up in the middle of, pressing my nose to the screen in my bedroom window…. gasping for breath.  I knew that some day I would have to figure out a way to break the addiction to nicotine but I suppose while it was still in my life it was serving some sort of purpose.  (I quit 2/7/04)  ❤

Getting back to my realization this morning, as I sat on the floor stretching I had some bothersome thoughts that kept popping into my head and I kept telling myself “stop that!” and returned my attention to my breath.  Slow, deep breaths are awesome.  The thoughts popped in once again and yet again I re-focused my attention back to my breath.   “D’oh!”  It came to me …  while I sat there breathing this glorious breath of life I spoke out loud (and yes I’m the only one in the room hahaha) “Just keep focusing on the breath.  Breath deeply, and release.   Oooooooohhhhhhhhh ……  I wonder if all of my life I had experienced breathing and respiratory because something was trying to bring my attention to this area?  I wonder …. if all of those years I troubled with breathing because spirit was trying to get my attention and lead me back …. to discovering my true self?

I really only truly “found” and reconnected with my true self a few years ago when I finally figured out how to meditate, breathe and just BE.   Miraculously, during this same time my respiratory issues also seemed to disappear.   Whoa – this is quite the huge message for me and here I have been trying to teach others how to “breathe” and reconnect with their true selves as well.   Things always happen for a reason and there is always an emotional connection to any kind of dis-ease anywhere in the body so if you think about this in a way that your guardian angels are trying to direct your attention to this dysfunction in order to help you “overcome” whatever it is that is preventing you from being completely free and happy; I bet a lot of you would suddenly start having your own realizations as well and embrace the path and direction for your own personal healing journeys too!

I suppose at 49 years of age it’s still better late than never!   I still have the other half of my life to live ~ and the next 49 years will be full of health, happiness, abundance, laughter and …………. many many deep breaths.

Be well, everyone!  ❤

SabrinaJeanMcCulley ❤ ❤ ❤

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