How to Know Your Own Value

Take all of the rules you’ve learned from other people and set them aside; you should then be left with an empty mind, and a body full of emotional triggers.  Starting with the top of your head, start taking note of any pain you feel in each area of your body, working all the way down to your feet.  Be specific, and take notice of each and every part.  Does your head hurt?  If so, where exactly does it hurt you?  Is it your hair, the front or back part of your head, your ears, eyes or mouth? How about your chin or your teeth?  Is it the left side or right side of your head?  How about your throat?  Does it experience pain or discomfort?  Do you suffer with allergies?  If so, where does it affect you the strongest; in your nose, throat or lungs?  How about your heart?  Does your heart beat strongly?  Now put your hands in front of your stomach, palms inward, and pay attention to the energy here.  Does this movement make you feel uncomfortable?  Do you have indigestion or other stomach problems?  Keep noticing each area of your body, taking note of all discomforts – write each one down and indicate which side of the body you feel pain or discomfort.  Take the time and do this for yourself!  Make a list.

Now, after you’ve connected with your physical body refer back to your list of discomforts, one by one, and ask each one why it is hurting.  Send it love and acknowledgement and again ask it “why do you hurt?”  Wait a few moments in silence and take note of everything that pops into your mind and write this down on your paper – next to where you’ve written down that body part.  Spend time doing this with every aspect of your physical body that is experiencing pain or discomfort; your innate body has an intelligence all its own and if you allow it the opportunity to express itself, it will tell you what is wrong!  Most of the physical symptoms we experience are due to emotions that have struggled in our bodies for a very long time, and the more time you sit with each pain or discomfort the more its true origin will present itself to you.

You will soon discover that your physical body harbors other people’s pain and emotions as well; they don’t necessarily belong to you but perhaps somewhere in time you have absorbed it from another (subconsciously) to prevent them from experiencing anguish. Our true nature is Love, and there are more than just one way to love other people; we can love them up close and we can also love them from a distance.

The last step is to remove yourself from yourself!  Easier said than done, huh?!  But when you take the time to eliminate all thoughts given to you by others, and you identify all of the emotional, physical and mental triggers that are stuck in your body (and heal/release them) you will be left with a shell; the energetic soul which is your spirit inhabiting your body.  You will begin to realize you are not your body; your body is a separate existence from you.  Nor are you your mind; the mind is an organ capable of receiving and retaining information for the purpose of survival and is the creator of mental anguish when it can’t “figure out” or “organize” future plans.  I will go as far as to say that we are the “breath” that oxygenates the physical body, in order to survive on the surface of the Earth.  Life begins and also ends with the breath.  Breath also occupies the body as a separate entity.  Where does the breath come from?  Spend 20 minutes sitting in silence and only focus on your breath, and see what happens!  You will have removed yourself from yourself.  You will also have removed all of the thoughts and emotions that have happened to you in this life, and it’s at this point when you’ll discover and begin to know your own value.

Rediscover your own true values, come into alignment with your higher self and you will begin to experience life and happiness to its fullest extent.

Be Well  ❤



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  1. I had to tear myself down and come to a point that I believed nothing, then I could start looking around and discover. I now know God, and I know the way, the truth, and the life, Jesus.

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