Ready ~ Set ~ Go!

There have been a few times in the past that I’ve mentioned how my guides will give me profound dates, in advance.  A few weeks ago I was given the date April 2nd (2017) and although I have been uncertain as to the significance of this date I always remain positive and prepared for anything!  Now I am beginning to see, as if the veil is being lifted a bit more to show me, inspire me and excite me about another upcoming transition.  Spring Equinox has brought us some fast moving energies and these energies will fly us through the next 6 months so it is imperative that we all “know” what path we need to be on right now because I truly feel that April 2nd marks the day that this magic carpet is going to take flight!

Have you been doing a lot of “self-work”?  Are you on a healing mission?  Trying to create positive change in your life?  Now is the time to decide what you want to accomplish and where you desire to be 6 months from now.  Today is also the new moon, and I feel this month’s new moon brings even more new and positive beginnings for whoever sets their intentions for it so think wisely about the changes you wish to see in your life and write down your goals and aspirations for the next six months.  If you are uncertain about your future sometimes it’s best to make a list of what you don’t want in your life and then focus instead on what you “do” want.  Even small changes are better than no changes at all!

So now I’m hearing “2-3-4” so April 2nd, 3rd and 4th is going to grab us and send us in a whirlwind of positive changes and abundance in alignment with our higher selves.  For me, personally I have chosen to take a break from what I have been “trying to accomplish” and simply relax and enjoy the summer job I have chosen, smile, laugh, make new friends and save a little money in addition to settling in my new home town near the Smoky Mountains in Tennessee.  It is so beautiful here I simply want to sit outside and stare at the sky, mountains and trees all day long!  Every day I refocus and realign myself to the frequency of Harmony and allow the universe to bring me any experience that resonates with this frequency.  That’s really all there is to it!  Life does not need to be complicated; just find your happy place ~ and BE.  ❤

Sabrina (connect with me on FB) 🙂

Remember:   When you are at your weakest, the universe is strong.  When you are down, the universe can lift you up.  When all seems lost, the universe will help you win.  Strength is available when you need it.  Believe it, embrace it and rely on it.  ❤


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