A Little Help from our Spirit Friends!

Hi everyone!

I am so sorry that I have not written anything for the last couple of weeks but I have been going through a lot of energetic transitions and, well, sometimes the words are just not there!  😉

Now I am here on the other side of these recent energy sweeps and looking back on the past few weeks and all I am going to say is I’M GLAD THAT’S OVER!   LOL.  We’ve got a lot going on in the cosmos, Venus is messing with our hearts and our heads and many of us are “revisiting” relationships past and present for the purpose of clearing out our  emotions (and anything holding us back from our awesomeness) so if this is happening to you right now just know it is a temporary transition and should be over in a couple more weeks.  Take this time now to consider who is good for you and who is not … because the clearer our “own” energies are the easier it will be for us all to move forward in a more loving, easy and positive way.

I also want to talk a bit about “signs” from the other side.   For many years now I have been seeing number frequencies, sequences, etc. sometimes counting up and other times counting down and I have always searched the internet for possible meanings of these numbers when I see them.  You will find many different variations of what these numbers might mean and please know that most of what is on the internet are NEW definitions created by recent society and are not necessarily the TRUE meanings of any numbers or their sequences.  It is true that if you look up “angel numbers” they might resonate with your personal situation and that’s all good as long as it helps you get through, but just like anything else when it comes to our own paths, definitions and journeys WE are the only ones who can ever really know or try to understand what is going on!  Do you know what I mean??  Everyone is experiencing something, we all agree on this, but what we experience and how we get through or feel emotionally are most likely are bringing different lessons to us, individually.  We then seek comfort through others in hopes that others will know what is going on but in reality WE are the only ones who can figure this out, which is why it’s so important to develop your intuition so that you can help guide yourself through any situation.

Back to the number sequences!  For about a year now (when I ask) I will receive specific dates from my spirit guides, in advance, to prepare me for “something” profound that will happen soon.  In recent days I have started to realize that when I see number sequences they are not necessarily trying to prepare me for something but rather they are letting me know that I am in the MIDDLE of some sort of transition.  I will see numbers going up (like 456, etc.) for days and then suddenly I see numbers going down (like 654) but instead of going to the internet and looking up meanings of numbers now I simply STOP what I am doing and “tune in” to what I am feeling inside.  This makes so much more sense for me.  Along with these recent numbers I have been feeling rather funky inside as well and have intuitively been drawn to my awesome shungite which eliminates toxins, negative energies and situations (and then some) and little by little I am seeing more clearly, thank God!!

In closing I would like to express my love and gratitude for my awesome spirit guides and stellar family who are always around me (even though I cannot see you!) and I thank you for the continuous signs that you send me even when I have chosen not to pay attention.  It is true; we can all get by with a little help from our (spirit) friends ❤

May everyone reading this Be Well!  If you seek guidance in developing your own intuition please message me ~ I am more than happy to help.  ❤

Sabrina on FB


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