Embrace the Changes

If you are able to slow your thinking enough you will start to receive “downloads” of information from an intuitive source.  Along with this information you will also have the ability to “tune into” the energy around you and realize when energetic possibilities have changed for you.  If you are sensitive enough and are paying attention to subtle messages you will have noticed, in recent days, how the “energy” around you has changed.  Have you been waiting to make an important decision for yourself?  Do you feel a gentle nudge from the Universe but aren’t sure about taking a leap of faith?  Are you in alignment with your highest self?  This upcoming new moon/eclipse energy is one that will be pushing us over the edge and if you feel like you’ve been teetering along with edge now is the time to re-focus and make sure you are in alignment with the direction you would like your life to go!

Have you heard of the term “Let go or be dragged?”  I, too, am guilty of once having been afraid of letting go of something and then realizing after being dragged through misery for so long that it was only myself who allowed the dragging to continue simply because I did not want to let go.  But when the time comes in our lives when positive change is much needed, if we are not willing to “let go” of the old energies we will definitely get dragged. This is the energy I am feeling as we get closer to this solar eclipse on Sunday, along with extra nervous energy, a bit of lack of patience with others, an inability to fall asleep quickly.   At the same time I am experiencing the “hurry up and go” feeling as I, too, am on the verge of another new beginning and I am excited and eager for it to start!  But then I am reminded that I have to “hurry up and WAIT” … Lol…  patience definitely is a virtue.

Just know that everything is beautiful!  The energies for this next 6 months are allowing us growth, expansion, harmony and many other glorious beginnings in our lives as long as we are aligning to our personal truths and putting all of our ducks in a row.   Now is the time to think about where you want your life to go; which direction do you want to take?  Which experience would you like to have?  Sit down and take note to what you truly desire in your life and at the same time realize WHAT is no longer working for you and be willing to let that go in order to create space for wonderful new things to come to you, because after this Sunday the ball will start rolling in that direction and we want to be ready for that!  Don’t we?  Yes, we do!!

Be Well  ❤

Sabrina Jean

p.s.  If you are feeling the energy flow but uncertain how to move forward or how to alleviate physical discomforts please search through the blog posts, or my YouTube channel, or ME on Facebook for guidance.  🙂

Sabrina Jean McCulley (on Facebook)


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