Eliminate the Negative

It is one thing to realize you are at the point in your life where you are ready to clear away all the negative aspects to allow room for positive ones, but how to begin?  Where do you start?  With a multitude of possibilities just remember to keep it simple!  “Start simple”.  But Sabrina, what do you mean?

Creating any change in life requires some “simple” routines but first we must make a list. Take a moment to write down the notable things in your life that you’d rather do without; if you can eliminate them immediately then do so.  These things may be one, all or any combination of below:

  1. Negative people
  2. Jobs that make you miserable
  3. Relationships that are not working
  4. Tasks on your “to do” list that just aren’t necessary
  5. Unhealthy foods
  6. Unnecessary stressors
  7. Bad memories that drag you down, emotionally
  8. Any negative habits you have picked up from others
  9. Thoughts

In a world that expects constant production results, this is where you’ll learn that it is not always about producing tangible items in your life; the truth is quite contrary to that.  The reason why so many people are unhappy, confused, discontent etc. is because they have too much on their plate to begin with.  Here is where you ask yourself “why do I put so much pressure on myself?”  You will be surprised with the answer!

Now that you have your list of negative things you “want” to eliminate from your life you can check them off one by one as you go along.  If you find that much of the negativity is emotional baggage, this too can be eliminated but it will take a little more effort.  Since I am an energy healer I am going to suggest some crystals and gemstones that can aid you in these emotional releases.  Apache Tears, Onyx and Smokey Quartz are awesome for healing negative emotions and protecting you from absorbing someone else’s negativity but in my opinion, the absolute best to keep in your aura and home at any given time is Shungite!   Shungite is a mystical mineral that has the power to remove and heal anything and everything that is not good for you, and not only am I talking about your physical body but your life as well …. and be warned; if you work with this be prepared for a miraculous experience of something “invisible” working with you and for your best interests.  This is something that I personally have experienced, but is difficult to explain.  Please watch my short video on Healing with Shungite !

Again, congratulations on making the decision to change your life in a positive and healthy way.  At the end of the day, sometimes it’s not necessary to count every task we performed that day.  Sometimes what’s important is knowing that you’ve cleared away negative space .  Try it, and you’ll like it!  Feel the difference ..  (and have an awesome day!)

Be Well!



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