The Hidden Meaning of Attraction

Are you falling in love, or falling in lust? Do you find yourself asking “is he or she the one”?  Why are we attracted to certain kinds of people?  Why do many relationships only create heartache and chaos?

There are many success stories about couples staying together for 50, 60 even 70 years but just know that these success stories are few and far between.  It is possible, however, to find a mate who is a perfect match for you and as long as you both continue to travel the same highway in life the chances are you will stay together for a very long time.  You must also keep in mind that these couples were born in an era where it was the norm of society to find a mate, and stay together, no matter what.   But for the rest of us and especially the younger generations, things aren’t as easy anymore with individuality and independence on the rise along with the discovery that we don’t necessary HAVE TO BE in a serious relationship in order to be happy.  Sometimes choosing the single option creates more personal harmony, especially when others don’t or can’t understand your goals and dreams.

The Earth has been experiencing many new energies as of late and people in general have been experiencing a lot more emotional chaos than before.  If you look at this with the perspective of the planet “healing itself” you might begin to understand why all the emotional chaos.  So in the pursuit of the planet healing itself it must also heal its occupants; us.   Nature, animals and most other living creatures are already harmonic!  It’s the humans who seem to be a bit messed up, and this is the result of Earth cleansing itself of all the negativity to allow room for more harmony instead.  This, in fact, is the reason WHY we are attracted to certain people whether it be friendships or romantic relationships; this is the mysterious work of synchronicity offering an opportunity for us to heal something emotionally within ourselves which then heals the planet a little bit more.  We cannot do this without duality; another person or persons whom we can reflect against.   Have you ever been in a relationship, noticed some not so great things about the other and think “geez I’m sooo glad I’m not like that!!”?  This is your opportunity to learn something from the situation and grow from it.  Perhaps this other person triggers an emotional response deep within you; again, there is something deep rooted in your physical body that is screaming for a way to come out, heal, and be released.   Everything happens for a reason 😉

So as far as attraction is concerned I don’t think I need to explain “why” any of us are physically attracted to another person!  But many times the sex can be very intense and enjoyable but otherwise you may have absolutely nothing in common.  This is where we go wrong in trying to force a serious relationship because of the sex as in the end this never seems to work out for the best.  Then there’s the soulmate attraction where you feel you’ve known this person forever.  It is sooo comfortable, you just want to hang out with each other, you want to spend the whole evening talking about anything and everything.  If feels like pure bliss; you don’t want it to end.  Perhaps it is the beginning of a beautiful loving relationship and it probably is, but also keep in mind that the Universe will send us someone to take care of us temporarily, when we need them the most.  Sometimes this is a test.  You can learn a lot from these people as well.  The importance here is to pay attention to the subtle signs and emotional triggers.

The most excruciating and emotionally painful relationship tends to come with the person you feel is a soul mate, and you share many same values and morals but at the same time you experience opposition in the ways each of you live your lives.  It’s frustrating when we have different ideals about how we approach things in everyday life.  Perhaps you are a positive person but the other is negative.  There’s usually something telling you (deep down inside) that it’s just not right, but you want it so badly that you continue to face heartache and opposition just for the sake of being around this other person.  You might even feel like you cannot live without them (but you probably can!)  Most of the time there is a serious life lesson awaiting you; you just need to start noticing the signs and what the friction of this relationship is really trying to tell you, intuitively.  This is when you should ask yourself “why am I feeling this way?”  So often we are drawn to the other person because we think they have something that we don’t have but the truth is we DO have it, we just haven’t realized it within ourselves, just yet.

There are so many things that we can learn about ourselves through relationships with others!  What’s interesting is that once we realize we have outgrown the other person, we tend to end the relationship and move on.  Move on to someone else who can help us with our next lesson in life which will help us rise to the next level of emotional balance and freedom.  It seems in life we continue to learn and grow, from person to person.

This Valentine’s Day, if you find yourself longing to have another person in your life try this:

Start telling your guardian angels, spirit guides or the Universe “Please send the right love to me now”.  You might also write this on a piece of paper, repeat it every day, carry around some gemstones that will attract love into your life, utilize feng shui!   Very soon you should start to feel a change of energy in the air and more feelings of love and romance.  It works!

Happy V-Day everyone ❤

Sabrina                Sabrina’s Intuitive Healing Page


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