Awaken the Power Inside of You

Here is a short but sweet (and power-packed) instruction on “How to Meditate”.

I know, you’re thinking “uggh” there’s that word again.  Meditation.  Perhaps you’re thinking that meditation only works for those who don’t have busy minds but on the contrary meditation is most beneficial for those with busy minds!  The main goal of meditation isn’t to learn how to sit still and stop thinking.  Oh, no.  The main goal of meditation is to retrain your mind and take back your power from those thoughts that are constantly running through your brain.  The main goal of meditation is to practice mindfulness and awareness so much so that you forget about what you need to do tomorrow or what happened yesterday and actually experience being in the present moment (NOW) where nothing else exists but you, your body, your heart and your soul.  This, is where you find guidance.  This, is where you find knowing.  This, is where you find inner peace.  Once you find this spot, where time no longer exists, you will want to stay there forever.

This is why we meditate!   Some of us have to work harder at it than others but you, too, can do it.   Start today!  Give yourself at least 10 minutes every day to find that stillness.  If your thoughts start to wander try focusing on slow deep breaths instead, and focus on just your breath for 10 minutes.  You will be so happy you did.  Practice makes perfect!  Just 10 minutes of this every day will change your life forever as it promotes health, relaxation, stress reduction, clarity of thought, and so much more…

Meditation is imperative for present times and changes in ascension of consciousness. You must ask yourself are you focusing on the hate in the world or are you focusing on love? Fear keeps you focused on hatred and fear keeps you hidden inside your protective bubble or box however this bubble is what prevents you from seeing your Divine Self.  Focus on the Love!  Fear will keep you isolated from your true self.  There’s more to you than you think!   You are multi-dimensional.  ❤  “Know Thyself”

To awaken the power inside you, you must first focus on love.  You must realize that you are worthy.  Do not fear what you see in the external world as this is fear trying to pull you back in.  Be compassionate in everything you do.  Become a self-sustained balancing unit and you will no longer seek guidance from external sources because you will have your own direct connection within.    It all starts with meditation!!  🙂

Sabrina Jean McCulley/Contact Me

Be well  ❤



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