Emotional Triggers and Healing Ourself

The other day there was a strong disagreement between myself and someone that I care about very much.  This was a disagreement about something very petty, in my opinion, because it was a simple misunderstanding which should have slipped away without negative effects.  However it did not, and my friend was triggered emotionally inside and thus felt the need to drag it out and make it into something so much worse.  But because my friend could not understand my viewpoint, the conversation continued to get twisted, causing more misunderstanding, anxiety, and emotional pain.  In a heated explosion we dropped it altogether and did not speak again for a while.

That evening my nose began to run.  The following morning my nose was congested, my eyes hurt and I had a tickle in my throat.  “What is this?” I asked my body, because I usually don’t get sick anymore.  I didn’t really feel like I had a cold, but the symptoms were there.

My friends, when I talk about emotional healing (and I talk about this a lot!!) this is what I’m talking about.  Our bodies suffer physically from negativity and trauma.  It doesn’t matter whether the trauma is external or internal (from negative thoughts), our bodies will still react from emotional triggers.   What happened to me the other day is one very good example of that!  There were harsh words said the day before and not too long after I started feeling physical symptoms because of it.  Think of this as the body’s way of “getting rid” of energies that it does not need.   At this point I am seriously hoping that you are thinking about your own body, and the physical symptoms which you may be suffering.  You may have few or you may have many, and the important message here is that you need to recognize the fact that all of these physical ailments you may be experiencing right now are because of emotional triggers that have become trapped in your physical body.  Think of all the negative emotional experiences you’ve had in your life, so far.  You may have forgotten them and think you have resolved them, but these physical symptoms are telling you that they have not been resolved, and your body so desperately wants you to resolve them!   Trust me, until you do so you will continue to experience physical discomfort even so much as to the point of debilitating disease.

Think now to yourself “Where in my body do I experience so much trouble, pain or discomfort?” Please take a moment to view the chart below, as it shows the chakra areas of the body and how it’s affected by emotional traumas:


I have spent the last 5 years digging up and clearing out all of the deeply rooted emotional blocks and triggers in my own body.  This started after I learned and certified as a Reiki Healer. I had decided that I no longer wanted to be ruled by the emotional responses that I kept experiencing.  But first, when I started working with filtering the emotions and learned that I discovered awareness of them, I decided that I wanted to experience and feel everything.  At the time, I had no idea what I was asking for, but intuitively I suppose I knew that in order for me to “bring up” and heal everything that was stuck in my body I had to learn how to become aware of every possible emotion; not just mine, but everyone else’s as well!  This was an interesting but excruciating experience to say the least.

Anyway like I was saying, over time I was able to dig up and heal most of the emotional traumas stuck in my body, so much so that I started preaching (yes, preaching!) Emotional Freedom.  I am FREE!   FREE to be ME!  It is the most awesome feeling in the world.

I am not saying that it is everyone’s path to learn how to heal everything but it is most definitely mine.  I have discovered so many different ways to heal the emotional body; and not only body as I am quite adept at healing others as well (when asked).  It is a gift that I am very proud of, but something not many understand.  My story also proves that none of us are perfect, and even when we think we are immune to negativity of others, we obviously are NOT!  I am the perfect example!  This is why it’s so important to be aware of the people that around you, because even though you may not be in direct contact with them you are still most likely picking up their negative energies.  Our bodies are like a sponge.  It is so important to learn about your environment and know that the key to finding your own personal happiness and emotional freedom lies within the choices that you make for yourself.  The question is, what can you choose to do for yourself today that will improve your health for the better?  Because as long as you stay in these negative emotional energies you will continue to manifest physical, mental and emotional symptoms.

If you would like to learn more about healing the emotional and physical body please connect with me on Facebook Sabrina’s FB Healing page or call me at (702) 601-0040.  I enjoy helping others who want to learn how to help themselves.  If you would like to experience an energy healing session, chakra balancing, body ascension/awakening or even a tarot card reading I offer these as well via my healing business which I’m growing. Healing and teaching is a passion of mine; I can do it all day long…  🙂

Please Be Well, Everyone ❤

Sabrina McCulley, Reiki Master

Sabrina’s Healing Page



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