“Enlighten Me” – The Beginning of it All :)

Enlighten Me
A simple guide to finding happiness
By Sabrina McCulley
Text copyright 2014 Sabrina McCulley
All Rights Reserved
Table of Contents:
Enlighten Me
Table of Contents
My Journey
What is Enlightenment?
Love Yourself First
What Makes You Happy?
Follow Your Heart
Removing Obstacles
Ego and Letting Go – What IS ego?
A Matter of Perspective
Witchery and Psychics…Or the Power of Intent?
Working With Energy
Practice Gratitude
Positive Affirmations
Daily Motivational List

Over the past 3 decades I have read many books on
self-empowerment and enlightenment and most of them
have been interesting reading and very helpful. For the
most part, they all had something to share and learn from
and I was fascinated and excited to receive all of this new
knowledge. During this process I realized that everyone
has their own path to follow and that we all have different
ways of doing things. I have learned a lot through
reading, however, it would have been helpful for me to
have some examples to go by, some exercises to do, etc.
This is why I have decided to compile my 30 years of
learning and experiences of trial and error and triumphs
into written word to share with you, along with
suggestions and exercises to help you along the way.
Throughout this book I have added many ideas for you to
try and different techniques to incorporate these new
things into your life. As we all know, practice makes
perfect so take your time, practice and enjoy. You may
not even get through to the end of the book right away as
everyone learns at a different pace and it will always be
here for you to come back to when you feel you are
ready. I strongly believe baby steps need to be taken in
order to achieve success in finding peace and
enlightenment in our lives.
I honestly believe that it is very important to learn
how to meditate, and “go within”, as once you learn how
to do this you will actually connect with your true self (or
as I believe, your soul), and once you are comfortable in
doing this you will be surprised how enlightened you
become and you will learn to trust your “gut”. With
practice, most of the things you will learn from this book
will become second nature to you. I hope it is as
enjoyable for you to read it as it was for me to create it.
~ I wish all of you eternal peace, love, joy and much
happiness in life ~

My Journey
The first step towards finding happiness in life is
realizing and deciding that you are ready to actually do
something about it. We are all guilty of saying we know
what we need to make things better, but we never seem
take that first step. Congratulations on making that
decision to do something about it! But where do you
If you met yourself on the street somewhere, would
you like “you”? Seriously. If you struck up a conversation
with yourself would you be someone you would like to be
around or someone that you would avoid in the future?
This book is written based on my personal experience,
and the process I went through to make the
transformation from unhappy and confused to completely
happy and continuously enlightened. It is my wish to
share this with those who know they want to be happier;
are you ready?
I think we are all born happy souls. No matter
where you live on this planet or what language you speak,
we are all inherently loving creatures, giving and seeking
love. Some believe our soul chooses the life it wants to
live in the physical plane in which case, believe it or not,
some choose misery and grief. The goal? To overcome
the misery and grief, perhaps, or maybe just to experience
misery and grief. My point is that no matter how dire the
situation, you will always have the option to change your
life around. There is a reason why you were drawn to buy
this book. For the same reason we are all drawn to the
things that we are; we are seeking enlightenment.
It seems I am on a continuous journey of
enlightenment. I am always wondering what and if there
is a lesson I should be learning in any situation. When I
think back to when I consciously acknowledged my life
was changing for the better I realize it wasn’t until I
started enlightening myself. Spirituality, I think, has a lot
to do with it. Spirituality isn’t necessarily based on any
particular religion, but simply believing “I AM” and that
you are capable of creating beautiful and wonderful
things is the beginning. Once you start practicing your
rituals of enlightenment and see how easy it actually is
you will be so happy that you would have wished you had
started a long time ago! I wish I had found it earlier in life
but then again, I wouldn’t be where I am today if I hadn’t
experienced the things that I had, and I am GRATEFUL for
What started me on my spiritual journey? Reiki was
my first step. I was at a point in my life where nothing
was making me happy. I felt I was going around in circles,
not moving forward in life and I felt like I needed to do
something but didn’t know what it was. I was unsettled,
moved a lot, changed jobs often and I even downsized
and moved to a different state. I was looking for answers
and didn’t really know where or how to find them. One
day someone mentioned Reiki to me. Reiki is a powerful
universal healing energy that goes where it needs to go in
the body; to enlighten and to heal. One can heal oneself
with Reiki. After experiencing my first session I
immediately knew I wanted to learn how to do it. I
started with a Reiki 1 Attunement which requires a 21 day
self healing and meditation regimen. Practice makes
perfect, right? The healers I chose to receive the
attunements from were awesome and included in my first
session was a “hands on” session to show me how to use
it, feel it, absorb it. They showed me the different hand
placements for self healing. They also gave me my first
lesson in how to transfer energies that I have picked up
from others immediately back to the Universe. My first
lesson in releasing negative energy. I believe it was these
first steps towards healing myself that opened me up to
the whole world of healing, love, joy and gratitude.
Without wanting to heal, and not knowing how to get rid
of negative energies I don’t think it would have been
possible for me to continue on a path of enlightenment.
Actually, one may continue on the path but I think it
would be difficult to FIND enlightenment.
We are all unique individuals and we are all on
different paths with different lessons to learn. Not
everyone finds enlightenment in the same things or the
same way as others do, but I believe each of us can find it
if we simply take the time to seek it. I wish you all love
and blessings on your path and sincerely hope this book
proves helpful for you in finding enlightenment.

What is Enlightenment?
What is enlightenment? What causes it? How do
you find it?

When I was 25 years old I had my very first psychic
reading done. Among many other things the psychic told
me I had three guardian angels; an Indian on my left, a
female on my right and directly behind (and hovering over
me) was a very tall, strong, protective male. “Their names
are not important” the psychic told me after I asked who
they were. “They could be ascended masters, or
deceased relatives and people from your past lives” I was
told. On this day I was also introduced to the healing
energies of crystals and gemstones. Thus the beginning of
my journey to enlightenment, not realizing it would take
me another 20 years to find it.

If you ask anyone what enlightenment means to
them you will most likely get a different answer every
time. Here are some responses I got from a recent survey
I took:
“Enlightenment is the ending of rebirth”
“It is the state of knowing who you are. It is the end of the
quest to WHO AM I. When we look within the answer
will come.”
“Enlightenment is self realization or knowledge of the self.
That we are not this body but the silent witness within”
“Our true goal and purpose is to enlighten ourselves. Why
run after wordly objects, when absolute bliss is within us”
“Enlightenment’s the state of divine consciousness of
every Soul”
“Pure Happiness”
“To effortlessly live and speak the truths”
“Enlightenment is the letting go of attachment and
“To KNOW that there is more to this existence than what
we perceive”

Generally speaking, enlightenment is anything that
brings you joy. Anything that brings a smile to your face.
The feeling of bliss. Peace within. How do we achieve
enlightenment? There are a vast amount of techniques,
ideas, methods and tools that can be used in a variety of
ways on any given day. For some it is simple and for
others it may be complicated. It may be a daily ritual or a
combination of things which vary from day to day. The
key is to find the things that bring you joy and inner peace
and incorporate them into your daily life but before we
can actually enlighten ourselves, we need to first
successfully remove all of the negative and limited
thinking that we so many times subconsciously do without
even realizing it. We are damaging ourselves with our
thoughts, or we feel we are not worthy of joy or
happiness. And before we can start to change any of this
we have to learn to love ourselves and once we can truly
love ourselves and believe we are worthy of eternal joy
and inner peace only then can we start the journey of
enlightenment. The journey starts now, with YOU.
Awareness and mindfulness are keys in finding
enlightenment. Many people think awareness and
mindfulness are the same thing, but they are not!
Awareness is being aware of everything around you.
Aware of your surroundings, the people in it, the energy
that flows through it, the floor, the furniture, the lighting.
Mindfulness is paying particular attention to certain
things. One can be aware of something but not be
mindful of it. For example, I am aware of the flowers that
are growing in the field, and am aware of their colors,
fragrances and beauty that they offer. Being mindful of
these flowers would mean I am focusing certain energy
and attentiveness to them. Perhaps I will water them, or
provide nourishment for their soil, or aid in them
receiving more sunlight somehow. Maybe I will lay in the
fields and meditate with them around me, feeling their
gentle flow and energy, saying a prayer for them or even
talking to them. Some of the flowers may be wilting, and I
can be mindful of their surroundings and what may be the
cause of their demise. So as you see, awareness and
mindfulness are two completely different things.
Here is an exercise for you; make a list of objects or
people in or near your house that you are aware of. Take
your time to really consider each object or person and
make note of which ones you are mindful of. Spend a
little bit of time with each item on your list, focusing 5
minutes on all the tiny details of that particular item.
Notice its shape, color or size. Does it move? Is it
stationary? Does it emit an odor of any kind? If so, what
does that odor smell like? Does it remind you of anything
in particular? What you are doing now, this is

Love Yourself First
When we are young children we tend to be
occupied in our own little bubble around ourselves and
the things and people that immediately affect us. Our
brains and thought patterns aren’t quite matured yet and
we think mostly of ourselves. In the beginning, we love
ourselves. We love our pets, our parents, our brothers
and sisters. We love our friends, our extended families,
and we especially love the ice cream man! Things are
going great until we become teenagers and our hormones
start to flow. It is one of our first experiences in loving
another being (besides ourselves) and being drawn to that
person, wanting to be around them all the time. Or is it
lust, chemicals or pheromones? Whatever causes this
craziness in our bodies, at this point in our lives we still
only love unconditionally, don’t we? Until that first
experience of heartbreak and heartache we ask “what
did I do to deserve this?” For so many people, this is the
end of “unconditional love” because we quickly learn that
not everybody is going to love us back in the same way.
We become cautious. We create conditions. Some will go
on to experience a multitude of abusive relationships;
some to the extent that they actually start to believe that
this is what they deserve. They begin to love themselves
less, or not at all. This, in combination with other platonic
relationships, experiences and feelings is what causes the
downward spiral to begin.

How will you ever find happiness and
enlightenment if you do not love yourself enough to allow
yourself to be happy and enlightened? I’ve spent the
majority of my life being a fairly happy person. I always
seem to have a positive energy about myself and am
happy to be here and to be alive. Don’t get me wrong, I
have had my share of emotional ups and downs in life and
I haven’t always been a happy camper! There have even
been a couple of times that I was feeling so down that I
wondered if it would be easier if I just ended it all. What
stinks is that I enjoy living so much that I could never take
the easy way out! And I am too curious to see what is
going to happen in the next 20, 30 years of my life. I want
to grow ripe, old, healthy, happy and enlightened. Don’t

Some of us spend a big portion of our lives trying to
make others happy. Some simply only care to make
themselves happy. I want EVERYONE to be happy! Are
you happy? Do you know how to be happy? Do you wake
up in the morning feeling a sense of joy and excitement
for the day? Do you enjoy your job? Do you enjoy your
interactions with other people? Do you look forward to
the adventures each new day might bring? I think what is
most important is that we learn to love ourselves first and
give ourselves permission and ACCEPTANCE to be happy.
You have to realize that you are worth it and decide you
are going to do something about it. They say only those
who truly love themselves first are capable of loving
others full heartedly.

Take a few moments, along with a piece of paper
and a pen, and think about what truly makes you happy.
Remember your childhood, and jot down on paper the
things that made you happy when you were growing up.
Perhaps jot down the first thing you remember making
you happy, making you smile. Next, try to think about
what age you were when you realized you were no longer
as happy. What was the event that occurred that made
you change your way of thinking? Notice what conditions
you started putting on others (and yourself) to obtain
happiness. Are there things, memories, harsh feelings
you are still holding onto? Know that whatever happened
in the past most likely happened for a reason. The reason
is to help you grow and learn, in love. You must love
yourself enough to realize you need to let that go, and
forgive the person and the event but also thank them for
the experience because without it we may never improve

Love yourself – Positive Affirmation Exercise:
Standing in front of a mirror, look directly at yourself and
say “I Love You”. How did you feel when you told
yourself this? Did it feel a little awkward? Could you even
look into your own eyes when saying it? Or did you look
away? The first step is loving yourself, and believing that
you love yourself and that you are worthy of happiness.
Make a list of positive affirmations and start saying them
to yourself, in front of a mirror, several times a day or at
least once in the morning and then once again before you
go to bed. Before long you will notice a loving difference
within yourself and you will feel happier. For some
people it will take a day and for others it might be weeks,
but the more you practice this exercise the more you will
believe it and the more comfortable you will be with it.
Some other affirmations you may say to yourself in the
mirror are “I accept myself exactly as I am”, “I may not be
perfect but I am perfectly me” or “I deserve to be happy”.
You are worth it! You ARE loved, after all…
Here is a list of some positive affirmations for you to use
in your spare time. It doesn’t really matter how you
practice them as they work in any way. Speak them, write
them, say them into a mirror, think them…
I Love And Approve of Myself
I Am Deeply Fulfilled With Who I Am
I Am Confident
I Embrace The Rhythm And Flowing Of My Own Heart
I Am At Peace
I Am Successful
There are other ways to love yourself, simply by
allowing yourself those little things that bring you joy.
The biggest obstacle is actually BELIEVING that your love
yourself. Once you believe this, anything is possible.
Here are some more ideas on how to love yourself more:

1. Take a relaxing bath with Epsom salts and essential
2. Only feed your body foods that are nutrient dense
and good for you
3. Participate in activities that bring you joy
4. Follow your heart
5. Practice saying positive affirmations
6. Practice gratitude
7. Do periodical deep breathing exercises (several
times per day)
8. Meditate
9. Spend time around animals. Spend time in nature.
10. Ditch the cell phone and other electronics
11. Listen to music that soothes your soul

Be Happy 🙂  Be Healthy ❤

You may purchase the full book at Enlighten Me – Book

Sabrina McCulley


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