Let It Flow

Hey I don’t know about you guys but this has been a crazy week (energetically speaking, that is!)  Have you felt it, too?  It’s a known fact the Earth and it’s occupants are experiencing a lot of changes and many of us can literally FEEL the emotions of the planet and it is so easy to confuse these feelings with our own; but they are not necessarily ours.

Let me explain.  If you believe yourself to be highly empathic then you probably are.  But this does not have to own you, in fact, it is your responsibility to rise above it so that it no longer owns you.  The intensity of emotions you feel are a signal for you to focus upon and resolve.  There are reasons why you feel these things and no, they are not always pleasant, but it is imperative to learn how to “work through” these emotions (pretend like your body is the filter, allowing them to flow through).

As far as the crazy energies of this week is concerned I understand that the cosmos and its contents are a very big factor in how we feel on any given day.  Combine planetary transits to your natal birth chart (astrology) and you will be able to see how these transits are affecting you personally and will also give you an idea as to how long this “transits” are going to last!  Some are mere days, some months, some years.  It is equally important for each one of us to get in tune with our own energies and know who WE are as a unique energy imprint.  You may want to have a collection of gemstones handy which can aid you in raising your vibration whenever you feel you are losing your grasp.   Everyone is different so everyone may need something different to help them feel better; emotionally.

So the reason I’m writing this this morning is because this week has been pouring some intense energies upon me ranging from feelings of sadness, joy, confusion, contentment, hope … I seem to be all over the place!  I burst out in tears for no reason and although I know the tears need to flow I’d also like to know why I’m crying!  This brings me back to the point of empathy, and feeling everyone and everything on the planet.  When it comes to such deep sadness I find it important to take a few moments and focus on that sadness and ask where it is coming from; as I know it is not from me.  I am not sad.  Suddenly I realized it was my connection to my mother (who lives in another state, and has dementia); we have a very strong love connection.  I feel her sadness.  I then realized the emotions of the planet as well and acknowledged this sadness, and I let it flow.  I then immediately turned it all around and transmuted it into perfect Love, Joy and Harmony and sent it back out to the planet, the galaxy and the Universe.  My love, joy and harmony are more powerful than all of the sadness!  I acknowledge the emotions of the world and I accept them because they are a compilation of experiences on the planet, and I let them flow through me because they, too, need to release themselves, somehow.  Perhaps they don’t know how to do it themselves, so this is where I can help.   So can you ❤

If you are an energy worker such as myself, an empath if you will, and are experiencing crazy swings in emotions all you need to do is sit with these emotions, love them, accept them, acknowledge them and then “ask” where they are coming from.  Soon you should have the answer in your heart, know that they do not belong to you and then simply let them flow.    Always remember to refill your own vibrations with love, joy and harmony!

Have a blessed day, everyone!

Sabrina McCulley   ❤

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Whatever you are feeling right now, let it flow.  Remember you are NOT this emotion as emotions are feelings and feelings are life expressing itself.  They do not have control of you nor do they need to.  They just want to be acknowledged.

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