I Found the Way Out of The Matrix ;)

Based on true events, this is a story about a year of personal transitions, self-discovery and having faith. Tired of barely getting by each month I began the path of self-enquiry and after doing so noticed I began to change physically, emotionally and spiritually. During this process I found internal guidance and my own connection to the Divine.

Having a life long interest in the metaphysical aspects of life I soon discovered that when I paid attention to the “subtle” signs and synchronicities they were in fact trying to guide me in the direction of joy, harmony and peace of mind. When I decided to take a leap of faith and began following the Divine signs I soon realized that as long as I stayed on this path I no longer had any reason to worry about finances nor my immediate future; everything simply started falling into place for me instead.

When you surrender to the powers of the Universe and ask it (God) to bring you whatever is necessary for your personal journey, the doors of opportunity and abundance begin to appear showing you new choices and paths to happiness.dscn6123

Order your copy today!  Guided By Synchronicity



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