This is Who I Am

“This is who I am”

I started learning energy healing (via Reiki) about 4 years ago and in the process I discovered that when you begin to heal your energy, your external life begins to change as well (career, friends, relationships) as these are a direct reflection of what you are feeling inside.  This is the time when you really need to start paying attention!  I had also started meditating more although it took me YEARS to master that.  In the process of healing I noticed deep rooted hidden emotions (and childhood traumas) started rising to the surface and as I paid more attention to these I realized they were issues that needed to be dealt with, and let go of. These are the things that truly keep us from moving forward in life, and being happy! There is much help available via energy healers, books, the internet, etc. At the time that I noticed the events happening in my external life I also noticed how they continued to trigger deeply rooted emotional blocks that were desperately longing to heal!

If this is happening to you now, please know that this is happening for a reason ~ do NOT ignore it! When you start paying attention to these things you will begin to have new perspectives and understanding of everything that has happened to you in your life to get you to where you are NOW.  If you experience physical ailments, take time to notice which part of the body is suffering and you can connect the reason for this physical ailment to the chakra center in THAT part of your body. That’s because your energy is blocked there and it needs to be released!

Everything is a sign, trying to give you an opportunity to feel better. Don’t you want to feel better?  I know I do. As you begin to heal the emotions, relationships, etc. your external world will also continue to change for the better because it is a reflection of the new and healthier YOU.  Can’t you see?  There are so many things that are available to help us – we just have to look for them. The more you practice meditation, the more you will begin to receive insights and your own divine direction.  And when you have rid your physical body of much the emotional traumas you will then begin to hear, see and feel the angels who are around you!  Don’t stop now, cuz you’re on a roll!!  With time, persistence and patience you will get there, just as I have.   I have faith in you!  ❤


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See you soon!  Be Well  🙂  ❤


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