This is Who I Am – Part 2 ;)


In my process of self-healing I learned about a lot of really cool stuff that can aid us in everyday life; and I was born with a Virgo brain so that means I was over-analytical, with a very structured brain “in a box” (basically my way or the highway!) with a strict set of rules… I’m sure you get the picture.  I was also born with an immense interest in metaphysical stuff meaning if I couldn’t see it, categorize it, test it, prove it or put it in a box I WAS INTRIGUED!   I always love hearing about things that happen, that just can’t be explained.   This was extremely important in my healing journey because we all can’t necessarily SEE energy and some can’t even FEEL energy, although we know that it’s there.  I don’t see energy with my eyes but I can see energy through my feelings – if that makes any sense?  Some of you probably know what I mean.  I can FEEL it, and then I just KNOW.

Cool, huh?

So in my process of learning healing stuff, the following is a list of tools which I absolutely LOVE and still use on a regular basis, and I also teach to others who are wanting to learn:

  • TAROT Card Interpretation – Connect with your Spirit Guides!
  • Dowsing with Pendulums – Remove past/present/future life blocks
  • Healing with Pleiadians – Energy Channeling with aliens!
  • Crystal Healing and Crystal Grids to Manifest
  • Working with Synchronicity to bring wonderful life experiences
  • Meditation Techniques and merging with your Higher Self
  •                   and so much more  ….

So here I am 4 years later and I’m still using all my cool tools to heal, manifest, enlighten and enhance my life in ways I never before imagined.  Although I believe we are all on our own personal journeys there are many things we can do to improve our lives and once we’ve gotten past that big hurdle then it’s just a matter of maintenance.  Then we have more time to relax, experience life, and just be ourselves.

If you are interested in learning techniques to heal and improve your life please feel free to find my Facebook page which is Mystical Curiosity on Facebook.  I post daily stuff to help with life transitions and healing and also to provide daily inspiration for those who need it.  So feel free to come by and like my Page, as I also offer freebies every month when it comes to readings, etc.!  Of course if you are looking for specific guidance you can schedule a reading with me as well for only $45. at any time – I am here to help!  And teach!  So we’re both getting something out of it  🙂

So there you have it; me in a nutshell.  I obviously had a ton of stuff to heal, otherwise I couldn’t have learned all that cool stuff about healing.  LOL.  It’s all good!

Be well, everybody  ❤



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