Transitions… “About the Author”

Hi everyone ~ Sabrina here!

For those of you interested enough in reading this; I want to share with you some of the transitions I have been experiencing energetically, spiritually, professionally and personally.

Many of you who already know me know that I started practicing Reiki and other healing modalities in the Spring of 2012.  At that time I was a practicing massage therapist.  I think Reiki reached out to me in an attempt to bring my awareness to the fact that in the four years I had been practicing massage, although I was helping others via muscle relaxation, at the same time what I did not realize was that I was energetically “pulling” out their icky energies and allowing them to get “stuck” inside my own energy and physical body.  This creates quite a bit of emotional turmoil, to say the least!   And so began my personal healing journey.

For the next couple of years I continued to massage as well as perform Reiki healing on myself which began to open numerous doors of enlightenment and opportunity.  A spiritual journey, perhaps?  I began to go through a series of years in my life where I rid myself of everything toxic; energy, food, relationships, people.  This has not necessarily been an easy feat, however, profound lessons in life aren’t necessarily meant to be easy.  Many times lessons must be profound with such emotional intensity that forces us to “realize the bigger picture” and make the decision that we will never go back to what we were before.

But I digress …

Over the years I’ve cleansed, healed and then moved forward.  Baby steps.  Enlightening myself one day at a time, healing my heart, healing my soul, becoming stronger, detaching myself from all worldly attachments.  2015 was a very crazy year for me but it prepared me for what was about to happen in 2016 … and where I am, right now:  Tranquility, peace, love, acceptance, unity as well as freedom to be …. ME.   2016 has been about jumping into the abyss of bliss!  In January I took a leap of faith and allowed synchronicity, the Universe and all of its abundance to embrace me, and I am still here in that embrace.  Oh what a beautiful experience this is!

Writing, for me, is a form of release.  It helps me to heal so that I can move forward in my journey.  I must share my experiences with others, through words.  Whether those words are here or in books, this is my attempt to let everyone know that no matter what it is you are going through at any given time there is always a reason for that, and there is always hope. In January I was seriously burdened (in my mind) with debt and financial woes and a mere 6 months later I’ve landed in the loving embrace of Synchronicity where peace, love and contentment fill my soul.

I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Stay tuned for my next book, in it’s final writing as we speak.  “I’m Having The Time of My Life!”  ❤

Meanwhile, in addition to writing I also continue to offer energy healing, tarot readings, spiritual/personal healing guidance, etc. on a daily basis.  For more information on this you can reach me at (702) 601-0040.    Sabrina

Check out my other books!

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