“Triggers”~ Why Other People Cause You Emotional Upsets

You know the feeling:

  • “He/She rubs me the wrong way”
  • “That person is so annoying I just want to scream!”
  • “When so and so opens their mouth I am immediately disgusted”

Why do certain people cause such a negative affect on others?  The simple answer to this is; FEAR.  But fear of what?  This is something you must ask yourself.

We, as human beings, have tendencies to recognize similar attributes in others, but until we realize that we are recognizing our own shortcomings through other peoples behaviors we will respond to them with disgust, fear, non-acceptance, ridicule.   The reason why any of us are “triggered” by others is because there are innate qualities inside of us that are longing to be brought to the surface and dealt with.  These triggers are bringing our attention to something within ourselves that so desperately wants to HEAL.

Bottom line, what everyone else is doing in their life has absolutely NOTHING to do with us.  Everyone must travel their own path!  Everyone is having different experiences and lessons.  “Live and let live”, right?    I’m sure these other people who are affecting you so negatively aren’t even giving you the time of day.  So why let THEIR issues cause you so much emotional upset?  Look within yourself and heal what you need to heal. This is all about you!  Endless opportunities to heal yourself are most likely flooding your path!   Are you paying attention?

Try to think of it this way:  Imagine your life is a movie and everyone that interacts with you in your lifetime are all actors in your movie.  They all have a place, some lines, a reason, a “purpose”.  You are the one on center stage, though.  The spotlight is on YOU! You are being given endless opportunities to improve yourself and your life, to be happier. These people are offering you an opportunity to look at things from a different perspective.  Ultimately you should be able to rise to the position of “acknowledgment” without being “triggered” emotionally.

Do you really want to continue allowing everyone else to have such an emotional effect on you?   You are the only person who can change this.  Are you up for the challenge?


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