Energy Healing via Donation, in October!

Hey everyone!

I’ve decided that since many people are not aware of energy healing, or the fact that they can benefit from it, and also to create a healing community and awareness of my new FB site I am offering 20 minute healing sessions during the month of October, 2016 and the only amount anyone will need to pay/donate is what you they afford to pay!

Just remember that my time is valuable, but so is your healing journey.  I am willing to share with you my time and knowledge on energy healing and trust that you will pay/donate what you can afford, or the amount you feel it is worth, to you.

Please come join me at Mystical Curiosity on Facebook, please *like* and *share* my post with all of your friends and family and those who you feel can benefit from this offer.  In order to maintain proper record keeping I will e-mail invoices for payment to each individual requesting service.  The service receipt will simply read “Sabrina McCulley, Reiki Master”.

Again, please join me at Mystical Curiosity on Facebook, share the word, share the love and help bring more awareness to energy healing ~ WE ALL NEED IT!!  ❤


Be Well ❤

Sabrina      (702) 601-0040


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