Use New Moon Energy to Create!

For ions many of the worlds population have utilized the cycles of the moon to create change in their lives.  During the time of the full moon many release anything that is not good for them or no longer serving their higher interests and the new moon is a perfect time to set intentions for anything new that you would like to bring into your life.  Before anything new can enter your life you must first create “space” for it to fill.

Does that make sense?  I think I’ve written an entirely different post on releasing (probably several of those! ha!) but it is imperative for anything new to enter your life you have to make the space for it first.  You might start with clearing out clutter.  Over time we have tendencies to allow stuff to pile up and many times the piles get so big we start to avoid it because we know what it’s going to take to clear it out.  This is the first most important step if you desire:

  • Clarity of thought
  • Peace of mind
  • New opportunities

To say the least 😉   Try cleaning out and reorganizing a closet or garage.  See how you feel afterwards!

Anyway, in order to utilize the New Moon energies, as I said before, first we must create space in our lives.  If you desire a new job, create “space” in your mind for a new job opportunity to come your way.  If you long for a romantic relationship, create “space” in your life to allow someone new to enter it.  This goes for anything new!  Before new can enter your world you first must allow a space for it to enter.  This also works the same for thoughts!  Get rid of old and unhealthy thoughts to create space for new and healthy ones.

In my experience with manifesting and creating newness in my life I have realized that we are all capable of “creating” on any day, at any time.  Perhaps the cycles of the moon are utilized to help those remember it’s time to clear out the baggage and welcome new and healthy energy; moon cycles are awesome for helping us stay on track!  If you are “energy sensitive” though, you may also notice a change in your energy and the energy of those around you, especially during times of the full moon.  Some moons may offer us more assistance in creating what we desire, but ultimately  I truly believe that setting intentions for change may happen at any time; we just have to have the clarity, focus and true intentions in order to do so.

Be Well!  ❤


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