“Protecting Your Aura with Energy”

“One of the most common ways to provide immediate protection for yourself is to

visualize  a white light around your aura.   Your aura is an energetic protection barrier

located around  your dense body, surrounding it up to three (3) feet away.  The aura is like a

transmitter  receiver and it allows the sending and receiving of subtle energies both from

us and  external sources.  Our auras are our first line of defense to protect us from negative

and toxic energies that can potentially cause physical harm to our dense bodies.  The white

light represents divine purity and protection and is our first line of defense against

external attacks.

Ultimately, you may utilize different colors to receive different energetic  protection.

White is the most common, but most importantly, choose whichever color you resonate

with the most as it is likely to be the best defense for your own unique energy signature.”

Empath Survival Guide-Energy Protection and Healing


Be Well  🙂  ❤       Sabrina McCulley on Facebook

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