Dare Yourself to be Stronger

“As far back as I can remember I have never been affected by death. People die all the time and I have seen friends and loved ones lose someone in their life and they were stricken by unbearable grief and sadness. The sadness felt when a person has lost their life can be self-consuming, but how can we feel sadness and loss for something that we never owned in the first place? It is because we have emotional attachment to certain people and a strong need for them to be in our lives, for one reason or another. We believe, through these attachments, that through other people we can receive what we feel we deserve, in life. We believe we can only get it from someone else, and when these people are suddenly gone we feel a tremendous loss. The loss is only because we are attached to the belief that we are receiving something from them in the first place.

I wish that I could be free of such attachments!

We, as human beings are given the opportunity to feel and experience every emotion possible. The challenge is to acknowledge our feelings, embrace them and love them but at the same time not allow them to affect us in a bad way or any way that takes away from our own strength, and at the same time allow it to make us stronger. Welcome to Life.”

“The Spiritual Nature of Relationships” https://www.createspace.com/5867468


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