Why Are We Drawn to Certain People?

“To help us become better people” is the simple answer to this question.

Many people, if not naturally intuitive thinkers, cannot understand how being drawn to someone in particular is actually meant to help them heal an aspect about themselves that really needs to be healed.  In their current mindset they can only feel an emotional pull towards this person that cannot necessarily be explained.  They feel a very strong desire to BE with this other person as if this other person is imperative to the completion of their life.  “I cannot live without you” syndrome affects millions of people every day!  The only way to start understanding “why” you are drawn so strongly to this other person is to “go within”, meditate and reflect on the reasons why you feel you have to have this person in your life in the first place.  Many times we do not realize the reasons until after we’ve experienced heart-break  and sadness with that person, and this is because it is one of our many “life lessons” which we have set up for ourselves, from “the other side” of the veil (aka our “higher self”).

Understanding these relationships is usually not an overnight process.  It takes time and much reflection, patience and objective thinking.  Try and remove yourself from the situation and look at it as an outsider would.  You may hire a local healer or intuitive to help you resolve the situation and many times this is helpful and offers you additional insight but ultimately it is up to you to change your own perspective.  The most immediate question to ask yourself is “what emotion is this person triggering within me?” and then “why are they causing me to feel this way?”  With time and patience, you will grow and change either to the point where you realize you no longer need to have this person in your life OR you will adjust yourself , your mannerisms and your needs in order to create more internal peace and happiness for yourself.

Remember, people come into our lives for a reason.  They aren’t necessarily here to become our lovers or life partners, but sometimes they are!  We will never know, however, how any relationship is going to evolve until we do our “inner work” and heal what we need to heal within ourselves.  We must learn to become thankful for these “other people” who come into our lives and cause these triggers as they are simply only meant to  help us realize what area within us needs the most healing right now, anyway.

Sabrina McCulley, Reiki Master, Intuitive Consultant, Lover of Life, Energy Healer

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Be Well!  Pay attention to the lessons!  ❤  🙂

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