What Is Energy Healing?

What is energy healing?
Energy healing is a broad term used to describe many specific styles of holistic healing, including Reiki, angel healing, chakra balancing, aura clearing, aromatherapy, vibrational sound healing, and more.

Energy Healing is a method of natural healing that involves working with the energy meridians in our physical and subtle bodies to help bring us back into balance and wellness. Energy healing is a branch of alternative medicine in which the practitioner channels healing energy to the client in order to enhance the client’s physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being.

Energy healing can be done either in person or remotely. Remote energy healing is just as powerful and effective as an in-person session.  Just as prayer and loving intentions can be sent to any person or situation anywhere in the world; such is the same with distance energy healing.

Energy healing promotes balance and wellness of all things it ss being projected onto.  It works on:

*Inanimate objects

Energy Healing heals on the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels in humans and can be used to help heal disease, injury, emotional trauma, stress, and numerous other issues. It can also be used on inanimate objects such as computers or cell phones, to clear out stuck, negative energy and to get them working again.

What are the benefits of energy healing?
People who receive treatments report relief from symptoms varying from specific health challenges (including mental health issues) as well as promoting healing of an injury. Research has shown that it is extremely effective in reducing anxiety, stress, chronic pain, and depression.

On the physical level, energy healing can:

*Accelerate the body’s own natural healing abilities
*Balance the endocrine system
*Lower blood pressure
*Help the body eliminate toxins
*Minimize the side effects of medications
*Speed recovery after surgery and medical procedures
*Support and enhance the body’s immune system
*Improve circulation
*Promote anti-aging
*Heal an injury faster
*Make childbirth easier
*Much more!

On the mental/emotional/spiritual level, energy healing can:

*Reduce stress
*Improve memory and concentration
*Boost self-esteem and self-confidence
*Clear emotional trauma
*Remove false belief systems
*Open our consciousness to stored issues that block health, love, joy, and abundance
*Help us realize our life purpose

As long as we are living, we are continuously healing ourselves.  As we take each step further into healing, we access new levels to be worked on.  Many compare this process to the layers of an onion; we peel off one layer, then another, and then another. Each layer takes us deeper into healing, and deeper into a life of joy and emotional freedom.

Every day, we can work on our healing through self-care, energy healing, bodywork, and any other healing modalities. Healing oneself is a selfless act because when we heal ourselves, we then have more to give to the world.  By healing ourselves we also heal the world.

To schedule your introductory session or for more information please call me at (702) 601-0040.  Follow me at Sabrina McCulley on Facebook!

Sabrina   ❤   Be Well!!  ❤



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