You are the Light

“When everyone else has forgotten who they are, you will be the one who remembers.”

In these changing times (ascension) there is so much fear; fear of loss, fear of change. There are many people who are still holding onto the ways of the past two thousand years which some refer to as the age of Pisces.  The age of Pisces focused on culture, society, politics and religion and anyone who wanted to fit in with the social norm had to choose a side, choose a religion, choose an external group to identify themselves with.  These ways are becoming obsolete and no longer needed as we move further into the new age of Aquarius; the age of the free thinkers and realizing that we are inclusively whole within our own selves.  We no longer need to rely on others to feel like we belong in society as each and every one of us is unique, special, and have something to offer individually.

Right now it feels like it’s fear vs. love and it’s very easy to “fall into” the fear that so many are expressing but remember who you are, and that you are stronger than the fear; you are strong enough to choose love.   It all starts with US.  What we choose will color the rest of humanity.  Instead of feeding the fear, feed the love!  This doesn’t mean that you have to go out every day and force love on everyone because that is not how it works!  Well, for some of you, yes – maybe it works that way.  🙂  Most of the time, choosing the side of love is reflected in how we each react and respond to any situation.  Respond with peace, respond with love.

It’s important to stay positive in your approach to life.  A good place to start is by opening and healing your heart; love your heart.  Heal your heart center, as it is our heart centers that communicate with everything else in the living world.  Opening your Heart – Mind connection is the next step in realizing that our brains are more like receivers of information and not necessarily intended to figure everything out.  Find that Heart – Mind connection and you will automatically release yourself from all mental anguish.  After this you are ready to connect with your higher self which is where most if not all of our “higher guidance” comes from anyway.  It’s a matter of trust!  First you have to find that connection and before you can find that connection everything else must be healed and released.   Transformation is not painless, though.  The planetary shifts are bringing out the best and the worst in everyone and you must prepare yourself by opening your heart and mind by going through the process of purging, cleansing, releasing and detaching.  This also takes time and patience, to allow integration.

Embrace your magnificence!  It takes courage to truly express who YOU are.  YOU are the Light!   Remember that!


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