What an absolutely fantastic hike I had today!  I didn’t even get lost off the trail .. woohoo!

I started out early, just after 9am, and the synchronicities had already begun with number sequences on my odometer and also on my cell phone.  9 – 6 – 3, 10:10, 10:11, 11:11, etc.  They say when you repeatedly see numbers in this way that you are living in your highest alignment and of authenticity.  I am just glad to be able to get outdoors, enjoy the magnificent beauty of the Las Vegas desert, and of course get a bit of exercise.  The temps will only reach 100 today but it’s not typical to see many hikers out here during the summertime as it gets so hot.  Not me!  The sky was a beautiful blue background to the mountains…



After about 40 minutes of walking up a semi-wash I found my trail cutoff heading towards Oak Creek.  I stopped and rested near a tree for a moment, shared my energy with hers, thanked her for everything she does for the environment (and for creating a bit of shade for me to escape the sun for a few!)  I offered her a drink of my water, and then I took a couple of gulps myself.  In gratitude…


I haven’t actually hiked this part of the trail before, although I have hiked on the other side of the creek so I pretty much knew where I was in relation to that.  As I approached  the creek I could suddenly hear water and knew that I had to inspect it a bit further!  Judging by the mass of plants, cactus, unknown desert bushes, rocks, etc. I thought for a moment about my descent and it seemed clear enough that I would not hurt myself (lol) so I journeyed downward in to the unknown.  Thank God it is too hot for snakes!



I found some awesome spots, somewhat hidden, and of course there was no one else in sight.  Ahhhhhh ….. peace and serenity ……….



Even though the hike was a mile in and a mile back out, plus the “wandering around while there” (which I have no idea the distance traveled) by the time I got back to my car it had been three hours.  Three hours of fantastic hiking, meditation, connecting with mother Earth and nature, exercise, peace of mind, gratitude … I could go on and on.  While I was wandering about I did find another awesome spot and magnificent mini waterfall and a pond that was so clear I was tempted to jump in!  But I didn’t …  this water is for the desert critters; not for me to contaminate, but I did enjoy sitting there with this beautiful view for at least 15 minutes:


There were a couple of huge pine trees in the area but I wasn’t sure what kind exactly they were until I was on my way up and out of the wash/creek when I smelled it … “butterscotch”!  When Butterscotch Pines are warmed by the sun the smell of their sap is absolutely wonderful.  It smells like butterscotch candy!  Thus, the name.  🙂


Each day I am thankful for my health, vitality and ability to move around.  The views in this canyon continue to be simply breathtaking and every time I hang out here I think about our native indian ancestors who once occupied these lands.  I feel at peace here.  I feel at home.  🙂

Even though I hiked another 40 minutes back to my vehicle, the synchronicities of numbers and other things continued to show themselves which only reminded me that I am indeed on my own appropriate path.  Many times we get lost in the hurry of life thinking we have to be constantly moving, constantly creating, but what’s just as important (if not more so) is taking time out from human life and simply allow yourself to stop thinking … and spend some time in nature; the simpler life. 😉


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