Intuitive Development with Tarot

Starting Wednesday, July 6th 2016 I will be teaching an ongoing weekly course on using Tarot to help strengthen and develop (and trust!) your intuition.  If you’d like to register for this class please contact me via e-mail or call me at (702) 601-0040.

Rule #1 in using Tarot cards is that there are no rules!  😉

What is intuition?  “The ability to understand something immediately, without the need for conscious reasoning.”

What is Tarot?  The name “Tarot” originally came from a 78-deck card game dating back to the 15th Century (possibly beyond)  There is no definite documentation tracking its origin.  “Tarot” cards are classified as “oracle” cards as they are so specific they can also be used for divination.

When people hear the term “tarot” they tend to imagine a gypsy-looking woman in a long flowing gown, scarf around her head and sitting in a small, candle-lit room foretelling impending doom!  That’s not really what Tarot cards are about.  Depending on the reader and their state of mind, intuitive gifts and lifestyle the Tarot cards will be interpreted differently.  However, Tarot cards are a fantastic way to help anyone develop and strengthen their connection and learn to trust what they “think” they may already know.   The most powerful source of information comes from within each of us and oracle cards are just another “tool” that we can use to tap into that unknown part of ourselves.

Question:  When a question is being asked, “who” is giving the answer??

Answer:   The Universe, Spirit Guides, Guardian Angels, God, Your Higher Self … whatever you believe in *or* whoever you put in charge of giving the answer.  Ultimately this depends on the readers’ state of mind and personal beliefs as well.

If you approach it with positive intentions then you will receive positive guidance.  If, on the other hand, you are pessimistic or negative in thinking (or always expecting the worst) then prepare yourself for possible messages of impending doom!  Rule of thumb here is to stay open – and positive!  Our guides are always around us, even if we cannot see, hear or feel them.  They are there… 🙂

Types of Readings

There are two basic type of readings:

  1. Question Readings – when a specific question is being asked
  2. Open Readings – when a “general” overall status is requested


Tarot cards are not necessarily best for “yes” or “no” queries; they are much more useful for guidance, and/or how to resolve a particular situation.  I will show you a “trick” with your deck if you are looking for “yes or no” guidance in the spur of the moment.

It is important to be specific when asking a question, but not too specific.  Be open to other viewpoints; if you already have an answer to your question then asking the Tarot may only confirm what you already believe.  It is important to stay neutral.

The key is “focus”, “get out of the way” and “trust”.

There are literally thousands of different “spreads” one can use but what’s most important is to find one (or create one!) that works best for you.   This is where your own connection and intuition is imperative.  If you don’t trust the cards, or the placements, or their intended meanings, everything will appear dazed and confused.  You may not receive any guidance at all.


With 78 cards at your disposal, there is no reason why you should not be able to gain a very clear and detailed perspective, along with valuable guidance, for whatever you are asking.  Remember, the outcome and the way that you read/perceive each card in its position depends on your mindset, your mood and emotions at the time, and your ability to stay “neutral” (void of expectation).  What’s more important is paying attention to your feelings (your intuition!) when looking at each card.  This is where trusting your “gut” is so important!  If you don’t trust your “gut”, you won’t be able to interpret accurately.  There are many times when I have been interpreting cards that even though I am focusing on the original description and meaning of the card, my intuition takes over and tells me something completely different!  As you develop your own intuitive gifts, this will probably happen to you as well.  Remember to “trust” what you are feeling, and go with that.

Opening Your 3rd Eye:

There are many ways we can work on opening and enhancing our 3rd eye chakra, which is the doorway to our intuition.  Here are just a few you can experiment with:

  • Amethyst/Violet/Lavender colors, crystals, etc. resonate with the 3rd eye
  • Do a daily 30 minute (min.) meditation focusing on opening your 3rd eye
  • Watch helpful videos that show/guide you with other techniques
  • Receive energy work to help with clearing 3rd eye blockages
  • Pendulum healing, energy healing to assist and boost your intuition

See you in the classroom!

Sabrina Red

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