Experience Tennessee

Even though I was only in Tennessee for a couple of months it has earned a place in my heart that will keep me coming back for years to come!  Nestled somewhere between Knoxville and Gatlinburg, I stayed warm and cozy in the company of thousands of colorful trees, shrubs and spring blossoms including beautiful yellow and white daffodils that seemed to appear everywhere; along roadsides in the country, as colorful landscapes in just about every yard, traffic intersections as well as highways and interstates.  Who is NOT affected and softened by the beauty and wildness of the daffodils?  Check it out:  Middle Tennessee Daffodil Society

Of course the people there are friendly too, and this Western girl got a pleasant reminder of traditional gentlemanly behavior of holding doors open to allow everyone else easy passage before securing the door behind them; something that one doesn’t experience a lot living in Las Vegas, NV!  Ah, but the desert has been my home for at least 25 years and I think the sunny skies, moderate weather and hiking options (along with affordability of living) is what keeps me here…for now.  But I digress …

Experiencing Tennessee for a couple of months allows oneself to return to simpler times of laid back energy and opportunity for a less stressful existence.  While I was there I was blessed with a visit from my Dad and Stepmom who live about 6 hours North of where I was staying.  They came by, gathered me up with my belongings (and most importantly..my laptop!) and kidnapped me to spend the weekend with them in a cozy little cabin located somewhere in the hills miles off of the main highway in Pigeon Forge.  Time to relax even more – away from the hustle and bustle of the city with nothing but hills, trees and mother nature to surround me.  Oddly enough, of all the time I spent in the cabin with my folks I had no interest in picking up my laptop.  Go figure!  Anyway, we happened to stay in this little beauty which offers all the creature comforts for a cabin in the woods ;).   Cuddles the Cabin   I definitely recommend this one!

My time in Tennessee also allowed me a few opportunities to hang out in Gatlinburg, which I have quickly declared as one of my favorite travel destinations.  If you love mountains you will love experiencing the “smokey” mountains as once you are able to see how (and why) the mountains seem to be smoking you will simply want to just find a chair, kick back and watch the show.  Experience Gatlinburg, TN  The area offers many dining options with awesome food, friendly smiles and hospitality along with affordable cabin rentals and priceless views of the mountains.

All in all my time there will be one that I will never forget.  In my continuing quests to find and experience moments of awe I shall have to make Tennessee a regular getaway destination, for me.

Sabrina  🙂


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