Removing Distractions

“Removing Distractions”

In the quiet reflections of your mind you will find yourself; your loving, peaceful self.  It is during these reflections that you become more aware of your existence, your guides, meanings, feelings, and life itself. It is where you gain the knowledge for what you need to be doing at any particular moment.  This is what is meant when you hear “live in the moment” because when you live in the moment everything is easy.  Everything is beautiful. Everything is guided.  Everything is perfect.   What prevents us from attaining this?  Distractions – and life is FULL of them!

What are distractions, anyway? Distractions are everything outside of ourselves.  People, animals, noises, even our own minds create distractions.  In reality, distractions are only here to bring our attention to something else.  They are not intended for us to divulge 100% to it but to use it as an abstract against what we are currently experiencing.  Distractions offer us other perspectives and ways of viewing things and they also allow us an opportunity to make decisions or to confirm our own beliefs.  The distractions are a part of our daily existence and will never go away!  We must learn how to deal with them and use them as tools in order to improve the quality of our own lives.  We must learn how to acknowledge them without allowing anything to be taken away, from ourselves.  It takes practice.  It takes focus.  Bottom line, you must “want” to learn, heal, and become better yourself.

The easiest way for beginners is to choose one particular thing, object or feeling that always brings you complete joy.  Create at least 10 minutes of quiet time for yourself every day and then spend this 10 minutes completely indulging yourself in this “one” thing.  Focus on this. Immerse yourself in this.  Think only of this.  Feel only this.  Appreciate this, and the wonderful feeling it gives you when you spend time with it.  Embrace it, love it and thank it for allowing you to indulge in it.  This is a feeling that only “it” and “you” can find when you spend time together.  Nothing else matters and no one else matters in this moment. Your worries will still be there after 10 minutes so tell yourself you will tend to them later. There is no rush, there is only “now”.  Create the time for yourself every day, to enjoy this 10 minutes that revolves only around you. Practice makes perfect and in time you will naturally start increasing the 10 minutes to 15 minutes or even more.  The key is to reprogram your brain to stop thinking about millions of things and only focus on this one, small thing.

Enjoy the moments!

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