“Finding Zen”

It seems warranted to change the tagline on my blog from “Enlighten Me” to “Finding Zen”, since my primary goal in life anymore is to find it and maintain it wherever I happen to be on the planet!   So first things first:  What is Zen, exactly?

According to UrbanDictionary.Com, Zen is “a total state of focus that incorporates a total togetherness of body and mind.  Zen is a way of being.  It also is a state of mind.  Zen involves dropping illusion and seeing things without distortion created by your own thoughts.”

Zen has been around for thousands of years, if not longer.  Simply put (in my opinion), Zen is another term for finding that inner peace within yourself, void of thought, which is the essence of your soul.  Yes it takes focus and practice but once you have mastered it, “oh, what a joyous feeling it is”.  Zen allows you to exist in every moment without concern of the past and without the need to worry about the future.  Zen is NOW, existing NOW. Time is irrelevant.

If you are reading this and would love to find Zen all you simply need do is find “time” in your busy schedule to start your meditation practice.  In as little as 5 minutes a day you will be well on your way!  Start by finding 5 minutes of quiet time where you will have no distractions, sit comfortably, close your eyes, and start taking slow and deep breaths.  Life, after all, is breath itself. We are the ones that add all the other craziness to it!  Breathe in slowly while counting to four, hold the breath for a couple of seconds, and then slowly release it counting to seven.  Then do it again.  5 minutes!  Our minds are taught to be busy, but in order to find the peace we must re-train our brains to be devoid of thought.  As you are practicing your breathing exercises thoughts will trickle in (this happens to everyone) and when this happens simply acknowledge the thought but then toss it aside so you can tend to it after you are finished meditating.    If you feel you need a guided meditation there are tons of videos on the internet!  Find one that makes you feel comfortable, and go with it.  The more you practice this the better you become, and the better you become the more peaceful you will feel.

Meanwhile, I will continue my own personal souls journey, seeking Zen everywhere I go, and then will share what I find with you.  Until my next entry, may you all be blessed.   Peace out!


p.s.  Today’s picture is from my hike last week in Knoxville, Tennessee  ❤

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