In reference to my last post, Stop Everything!, as I was going about my morning ritual yesterday the word “trust” came into mind.  Here I am, trying to tell others to stop and listen to the messages from their spirit guides but then I suddenly realized that if you have failed at picking up messages from them in the past, it might stem from a lack of “trust” – and inability to trust your own thoughts.

I have acquaintances who often ask me “how do I know the message is from my spirit guides and not from my ego?”  This is a legitimate question!  The answer will come by asking yourself this question; “Do I trust myself?”.  If the answer is no then how will you ever learn to trust the messages from your spirit guides?  Aren’t our spirit guides simply extensions of ourselves?  Learning to trust them also allows you to learn how to trust yourself.    Huh?  That sounds a bit confusing!

So how do I learn how to trust myself?  It takes time, patience, love and acceptance.  As with any other thing worth fine-tuning, practice makes perfect.  It all goes back to learning how to love yourself, because if you don’t truly love yourself you will never be able to trust the guidance and messages from above.

Ask yourself; are you the kind of person that you enjoy spending time with?  If the answer is no, you most likely have a lot of self work to do.  It’s all about getting down to the nitty gritty to determine WHY you do not like being around yourself and then creating the person that you intuitively want to be.

If your next goal is establishing that true connection with your spirit guides then your very first step should be removing all the obstacles you have put in the way of trusting yourself. 😉



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