Stop Everything!

You see them everywhere!  Inspirational sayings, photos, advice, etc.  Those mushy, gooey, lovey dovy posts about forgiveness, love, peace, friendship, acceptance… seem to be taking over the internet.   You might think they are a major distraction from what you are really trying to accomplish in life!   You are trying to focus, right?  Who are these crazy people that keep posting this nonsense???  They are your spirit guides 😉

Something or someone is desperately trying to get your attention!  They’ve been trying for a really long time, too, but you simply keep ignoring them.  Don’t worry, though, because if you continue to ignore them, sooner or later you will be forced to make a change from the life you have been living (whether you like it or not!)

You see, there IS a reason why we are here, and everyone has a different reason.  But you won’t realize this until you slow down and start paying attention to those little signs that seem to be popping up everywhere.  They seem directed towards you, don’t they?  They are!  But why are they?  Not necessarily for the reason you may be thinking, but usually because they are trying to get you to stop exactly what you are doing, and love yourself.

Yes!  Love yourself!  Nurture yourself, forgive yourself, stop judging yourself, accept yourself, be happy…. with yourself.  It truly is just as simple as that.

So what are you waiting for?  🙂


For more about Sabrina check out Now THAT’s what I’m talkin’ about!

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