Ascension Insights


The planet is currently experiencing a consciousness upgrade.  For those who are open and sensitive to its energies you may already be experiencing quantum shifts that you may not necessarily be able to understand.  Trust it!

Simply said, we are becoming “light bodies” – it is part of planetary and human evolution and need not be feared.  Embrace it!

You are shedding the being you used to be and are becoming more powerful as a human.  You are no longer “stuck” in the 3rd dimension and are now free to upgrade to the 5th dimension at any time.  You simply need to have faith and step into it.

As our energies are transcending we are releasing the old and becoming the new.  Love and accept yourself, be patient with yourself and allow your new existence to unfold into something much greater than you could ever imagine!

We are all transcending, but not at the same time.  Little by little, one by one, in nothing other than divine timing, we are being gently lifted.  Welcome to the resurrection of your soul …

Have an awesome day!


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