Managing Feelings of Despair

Welcome to the game of life.  No one said it would always be easy, and no one ever said how excruciatingly difficult it can be, either!  Sometimes we may be jogging through life with ease, everything seems to be going our way and then WHAMMY..things suddenly take a turn for the worse, or maybe perhaps what you thought was your reality suddenly seems like it was a dream; it all has been a joke.  And for what?  Why do these things happen?  Why can’t we just stay happy all the time?

Despair is “loss of hope”, “hopelessness” ~

When we are at our lowest and cannot see a way out, despair has set in.  Despair makes us feel there is no hope or way out of a situation.  Maybe we think that everyone is against us, or that things will never change or get better.  Life becomes gloomy.  We feel sorry for ourselves. What is the point?   When stuck in this mindset it sometimes can be very difficult to pull ourselves out of it.  What’s crucial is knowing that WE are the one in charge of how we feel and it is up to US to pull ourselves out of it.  Here are some key things to remember if and when you are feeling down and out:

  • This moment is temporary and we don’t have to stay here
  • Take a moment (or more) to reflect on your path, where you have been and where you are going.  Perhaps you are on the wrong path?  Perhaps you just need a break.
  • Maybe these sudden feelings of despair is the Universe’s way of getting your attention.
  • Take time to stop and smell the roses.  Take count of the blessings you currently have; shelter, food, job, car, breath
  • Realize our situation is not as bad as many others!  Sometimes we think we’ve got it bad and then are reminded that things could be so much worse
  • Love yourself and be patient with yourself
  • If you don’t meditate, learn HOW.  Meditation is key to finding inner guidance, peace and joy.  It also brings clarity, even when we are confused.
  • Breathe.  Breath is life. Try some slow, deep breathing exercises – the extra oxygen is like adrenaline for your soul
  • Close your eyes and visualize yourself in golden flecks of light coming down from the sky and transferring down through your body and out the bottoms of your feet, washing away any confusion, negativity and stuck energies
  • Use color therapy to enhance your mood.  Orange is a bright, happy color.  Yellow is empowering.  Green is for healing and balancing heart chakras.  Gold is Divine.
  • If you are sensitive to energies you may try experimenting with crystals and gemstones.  There are many stones that uplift, cleanse, heal and inspire.
  • Take time to nurture yourself.  Take a walk or go hiking.  Reflect, reconnect and regroup and most importantly, be patient with yourself.  Sometimes we are doing so much that sometimes we just need to slow down and let life catch back up to us.

Times like these can come and go, so when despair tries to take over again remember to simply stop, acknowledge, nurture and reconnect.  And breathe 😉


Author of “Enlighten Me – a Simple Guide to Finding Happiness” now available in paperback here:  Enlighten Me


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