New day, new opportunity


Welcome to the first day of the rest of your life!

No matter what you are dealing with always remember that you have the choice whether you want to deal with things in a positive way or negative way.  This makes all the difference in the world!  Each day we are faced with new opportunities and new choices…. it just depends on whether you want to be happy or not.



Facing struggles and adversities is the most difficult part of life, however, if you choose to tackle these struggles as a “lesson” or a “challenge” you will find it easier to get through each day.  After all, there truly is a reason why everything happens.   Not everyone realizes this.  We get stuck in emotional despair and feel like there is no way out, feeling sorry for ourselves and this is when we must take notice that the more we focus on the negative aspects, the more we may experience of it!  Nobody wants more of that!  It is, truly, just a simple choice and perspective.  Simply send love to any situation, and watch it dissolve, with love.

Have a beautiful day.  CHOOSE happiness over despair…it feels better!


Please check out my book Enlighten Me … for a “simple guide to finding happiness”  🙂

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