Be Good To Yourself

When you wake in the morning, what is the first thought that comes to you?

Know that you are worthy of all of life’s treasures, but if you don’t believe you are worthy then you won’t allow yourself to receive them.  What you send out is a reflection of your self worth and this is also what determines what you will receive back in your experience.  It is so important to keep positive intentions for yourself!

Start your day the positive way, and then watch positivity find its way back to you. Here are some simple sayings you can try:

  • I Love Myself
  • I Am Grateful For … (list)
  • All My Relationships Are Loving And Harmonious
  • Today Will Be A Good Day
  • Thank You For This Breath
  • What Kind of Fun Shall I Experience Today?

Knowing that sometimes it is very difficult to remain positive, especially during times of despair and personal lows it is even more important to remind yourself that you are worthy of happiness.  Try to remember that every situation is only temporary.  When something unexpected happens, try to find a lesson you may learn from this situation and send it loving energy.  Thank it for the experience and know that it does not have to own you but instead it is trying to help you grow.  “This too shall pass”

Love yourself ~ and have a beautiful day!


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