Learn to Use Fear as a Tool


When you find yourself in a world full of change and uncertainty it feels like everything is out of your control.  But is it, really?

The most important thing we can do for ourselves, when we are facing uncertainties and changes in life, is to accept things as they are, for the moment.  Look right at fear and tell it you are not afraid!  Change is inevitable and we only prolong it and make it worse for ourselves when we fight against it. Let go, move forward, embrace your future and your hopes with the bigger picture in mind.  Embrace yourself and others with loving intentions and for the time being focus on the big prize – the ultimate goal in which you are attempting to achieve.

Remove yourself from the stressful bind that your mind is in.  After all, our minds are not intended to be used to “figure things out”; our brains are simply receivers.  Become separate from it, as if you are an external viewer.  Take a moment to see what is going on around you, look at what has just happened and look at where you are going.  Take note of any options you may have at the moment, so as the change unfolds you will be more prepared to face it.  Let go of that which you have no control over and allow room for something bigger and so much better!  After all, the new stuff cannot find a way into your life if you are still clinging to the old stuff.  “Surrender and allow”.

Fear is a human reaction that we feel when we think we are going to lose something; something that we probably do not have ownership of anyway!  So why are we afraid to lose it?  How will we be after we’ve lost it?  Is it really imperative that we hold onto it? And who’s to say that we no longer have control, anyway?  We are still in the drivers seat, however, and the road is open and wide.  The universe is removing something that no longer serves you to allow room for something new.  Something better.

Change happens for a reason.  At one point in your past you wished for change and now it is happening for you.  All you need to do is strap yourself in and hold on.  Having fear of change tends to put our minds in a tizzy which spiral downward into feelings of loss and despair, however what most people don’t realize is that the Universe is at your command to create what you want, and if you continuously focus on loss and despair guess what you are going to receive more of?  This is why it is so important to stop our ugly thoughts in their tracks before we create catastrophic events in our lives.  Negative thinking makes everything more difficult.  It is imperative to learn how to turn it on and off at will.

Yes, this can be done.  No, it may not happen overnight however all you need to do is open your eyes and your heart, see that you are ok and know that everything, in the end, is going to be “ok”. Maintain the positive and loving intention that everything is changing to improve your own existence, for the better, even if you do not currently know how it is going to happen. Accept.  Love.  Trust.  And have faith.


p.s.  No one ever told us life would be easy!  The way we approach it, whether negative or positive, will determine how we experience it.  Choose to experience it with positivity and love and even though changes can be scary they will happen to you in a positive and loving way.

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