The Spirit World is Gentle and Loving


Actually, the spirit world is what we project it to be just as we do our own world. If you see the world around you as cold, harsh and judgmental then you will experience cold, harsh and judgmental things.  But if you look at the world around you with love, hope, and positivity then yours will be a positive and loving world.  We are what we think, what we feel, and what we expect.  So what are you thinking?  What do you fear?  “Be careful what you wish for” is a very true and direct warning as in the end what we experience in our lives is exactly what we’ve asked for, at some point.

If you are experiencing difficulties in life it is imperative to learn how to meditate; prayer is also a form of meditation.  No one said that lessons in life will be easy but having a connection to guardian angels, God, and the spirit world is imperative for your mental and emotional health, and survival.

If you are interested in Reiki energy healing, meditation or spiritual enlightenment and guidance please feel free to reach out to me!  You can also check out my new release It Will Come To You In Your Dreams (for those who enjoy reading about others experiences).

I am here for you.  May we all be blessed!


Enlighten Me

The Spiritual Nature of Relationships

It Will Come To You In Your Dreams

I have a spiritual FB Page too! 🙂    Psychic Fix on Facebook

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