It Will Come To You In Your Dreams

Happy New Year everyone 🙂

2015 was a crazy year!  I will always remember it as being a year of realizations and transformations.  Interestingly enough I’ve heard that many other people faced personal struggles as well, and that 2015 was a really bad year for them.  Maybe you have experienced your own craziness and if you follow astrology transits, planetary energy shifts and the like you will see that there are many phenomena contributing to this madness, and it will continue throughout 2016!  But depending on your mindset and how you approach obstacles, this will determine how you get through these times of change.   It is also important to remember that your experiences will most likely be different from everyone else’s.

Sooner or later we all have to change and ultimately it’s for the best, and although some people may seem to get through it with ease, there will also be many who are going to struggle. You are not alone!

I personally went through a lot last year and in the process I wrote down over 50,000 words in an attempt to rationalize, heal, grow, and most of all learn how to overcome emotional intensities.  At times it was very rough and yes, at times I just wanted it all to go away.  A lot of this was brought on by my Mom, who has dementia, and the fact that she was moved away from me (out of state) – it really broke my heart.  It still does!  I miss her so much…

Anyway,   It Will Come To You In Your Dreams  is now available, and it’s all about the craziness I went through last year while trying to find ways of coping with the changes in my life.  Written from the heart and with my own sarcastic humor and frustrations;  I survived.  Yay!  But this is also about discovering and connecting with your spirit guides and guardian angels and realizing that no matter how lonely you may feel, you are never truly alone…

“Intense experiences in meditation, spiritual growth, energy healing, empathy and life. As an over-analyzer and intentional thinker it took some serious consciousness lessons in expansion and contraction, happiness and depression and what happens to us when we “hold on” when we should be “letting go”.   It goes to show that when you seek answers, they will be provided to you.  And sometimes the answers don’t come through words (but it would definitely make things a lot easier!) – sometimes we just have to experience it in all of its emotional intensity.

May everyone have an absolutely wonderful year in 2016 and may you all have happiness, success, healing and love.


It Will Come To You In Your Dreams

You might be interested in my other books too.  Check out Enlighten Me  and The Spiritual Nature of Relationships.

May we all be blessed!  🙂

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