Energetic Fix

At the beginning of each day we have a choice to make.  As soon as we open our eyes our intentions are immediately set and it is up to us at that moment to reprogram our thoughts, if needed.  Where was your mind when you first woke up? Is there a problem that still needs resolving?  Are you excited to start a new day?  Are you feeling dazed and confused?  Just remember, “this too, shall pass” as everything in life is just a transition.

No matter good or bad, the way we approach each day makes all the difference in the world.  The same goes for every challenge we are faced with in life, as we are never presented a challenge in which we are not able to overcome.  Thus, the Universe supports us 100% in everything we do. This explains why it can be so difficult to overcome depression and unhealthy thoughts; the more we believe it to be true the more of it we are actually calling upon ourselves.  Time to stop the viscious circle!

Problem is, many of us don’t believe that we, ourselves, have the power to change things.  This couldn’t be any further from the truth.  We ARE the power.  We ARE the manifestors!  “How do I get there?” You ask?  The answer is simple; meditate.  No, meditating does not require certain attire, location, or physical position.  You can do it anytime, anywhere, and all it takes is a few moments.  Quiet your thoughts and remove yourself from external distraction and in this moment you will align with “all that is” and most importantly, yourself.  In this moment nothing else matters, and you are in eternal bliss.  Practice this, every day, for 5 minutes.  Practice makes perfect!  This is the beginning …

I’ve been seeing astrology reports online lately stating that all planets currently are in alignment, and moving forward.  At this time, and continuing until the first week in January, 2016, we are provided with more power towards our positive intentions.  Simply put, if ever there was a time you wanted to change your life for the better, NOW would be the perfect time to do so!  You know those thoughts that keep popping up in your imagination?  Well those aren’t just thoughts – those are potential realities.  So what are you waiting for?   Enlighten Me

Have a wonderful day!



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