“Reflections of You”

Ever heard the saying “The World is What You Make It”?  Well it’s true.  There are many people, however, that either do not understand this or they misinterpret it altogether.  Let me explain.

The world is made of energy; and so are you.  Each day we have the choice of how we want to feel and how we want represent ourselves to the world.  What we present outwardly sends an energetic ripple throughout the rest of mankind, energetically, thus changing the feelings and energies of the whole (think of the Borg – from Star Trek! haha). Everyone has at least one of those friends who, when around, completely drains your energy and makes you feel totally miserable.  This is a perfect example of how we are energetically connected. Ultimately, we CAN change how we are affected by these energies but it takes work (which is one of the things I LOVE about doing energy work!). Bottom line is we all have an affect on each other although we do not necessarily see it.  So please be mindful of the energy you share with the rest of us.

Let’s take Christmastime for an example.   Have you noticed that around the holidays people become kinder, more loving, more forgiving and charitable?  Don’t you wish it could be like this EVERY DAY?  Well, it can!  But it starts with “us”.  Not “us” meaning you should wait for your friends to change first because that’s not going to happen; it has to start with YOU.  Imagine a world where everyone responds with love and acceptance.  Imagine everyone accepting each other and their differences. Imagine not having to pretend to be something that you are NOT, because you want to fit in with the crowd.  Imagine peace on Earth.  Can you imagine this?  What we can imagine, we can change to reality.  I am not a religious person, but isn’t this what Jesus was trying to teach everyone?  If the way to happiness starts with ourselves and if Christmas helps you remember the loving being that you innately are then why do you only act as your true self at Christmastime?  Why limit the thing that truly makes you (and everyone else) happy to one time a year?  It is up to you to BE this way every single day of your life.  You CAN be this way, every single day of your life!

Each day, before you head out into the world take a look in the mirror. Is your image smiling?  If you are expecting the image to smile back at you remember that it is up to YOU to make it smile.  Change your reflection. Your smile will cause others to smile.  If you want to world to smile at you, you must first smile at the world.  Energy is as energy does. So what we, individually, put out there is what we, individually, will receive back and experience ourselves.  Thus, the world IS indeed what we make of it.

Love and Hugs, everyone!


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