The Path of Enlightenment

Do you ever spend time, with yourself?  In a world full of distractions it is easy to be pulled away.  Work, family, entertainment, social media, pets, homes, and chores all contribute to the external distractions which, in actuality, prevent us from finding enlightenment which we can only find within ourselves.  Enlightenment is not something you can get from anything else.  It is not outside of you, yet we want to chase after it!  Guess what?  By chasing things you are simply adding to the distractions that are preventing the very thing that you seek; enlightenment.

To find and experience enlightenment we must go within ourselves. Enlightenment is found when we remove the external distractions, remove our thoughts and simply BE.  Do you practice meditation?  This is a perfect way to get on your path of enlightenment!  It takes practice, yes, but practice also makes perfect.  Be patient without yourself.  Forgive yourself for not being able to achieve this overnight – nobody does!  But you must take the first step and decide that you want to find it and it is then that you will start to find your way.  Everybody’s way is different and unique to themselves so following what everyone else is doing won’t necessarily work for you, however, it will definitely give you some great ideas.

Bottom line is, follow your heart.  Whatever inspires you, do THAT. Remove the clutter of thoughts in your mind and find peace in that moment when nothing else in the universe exists, except YOU.  It is in this moment where time doesn’t exist, and there aren’t any problems or worries in this moment.  Think to yourself “right now, at this very moment, the only thing I need to focus on is aligning myself with my highest integrity” (and breathing, of course!)  It is at this moment that you become aligned with divinity and your “higher self” and in this moment there is nothing but peace.

Have an awesome day!  Please remember to be kind to everyone as we do not know what struggles they may be dealing with.  A kinder world begins with us ~ love yourself first and your energy will immediately send out the same to everyone else.



  1. Beautiful words! It’s a pity that always being busy in your professional as well as private life is seen as an ideal. If people try what you described above more often, no one would ever feel bored again 🙂


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