We Have the Power!

Your world, your life and your experiences are entirely up to you!  You may not agree with me or even believe this is possible, but it is.

We spend our lives “going through the motions” and doing what everyone else is doing; go to school, get married, have a family or a career, etc. etc. When we were young we allowed our imagination to take control and we had dreams.  Most of us also “knew” what we wanted to be, when we grew up, but how many of us actually continued on this path?  At what point in our lives did we stop chasing our dreams?  Responsibilities overwhelmed us, so the logical thing to do was to forget our dreams and chase after the highest paying job possible…right?

Before we know it half of our lives have passed and somehow we are stuck in the misery of our chosen careers.  It is true, all things do happen for a reason and because we have “free will” we always have the opportunity to choose our path.  And it’s not too late!  You are never to old to follow your dreams so step by step, decide that you want to change your path, take the appropriate steps to do so and then GO FOR IT!  Everything will start to change for the better and doors will begin to open for you.  Try it and see what happens.  After all, what we can imagine we can also bring into our reality.  You may be wondering at this point where you even begin.  Here are the steps to take to let go of all the “old” and prepare for the new you:

  • Start to love yourself again
  • Forgive yourself, and others, for being human
  • Decide exactly how you imagine your life will be
  • Remove any obstacles (and personal beliefs) that are preventing you from succeeding
  • Let go of your ego, and expectations of “how” it should happen
  • Make a list of the things that make you happy – and do them daily
  • Change your perspective and allow yourself to be happy
  • Practice gratitude

Keep in mind that all change requires time, but the more you focus on the positive intention the faster things will change for you.

Remember to have fun!  Enjoy life!  Enjoy the journey!


p.s.  If you’d like the step by step practical guide to changing your life for the better check out “Enlighten Me” which is available in digital download and also paperback.  To check out my other published work please visit my author page at Sabrina’s Author Page/Links to Books   (www.amazon.com/author/sabrinamcculley )

* Peace *



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