Multi-Dimensional Playground

I love to hike, and go several times a week.  This summer I decided that I absolutely loved “sunset hikes”; they were simply extraordinary as there is something magical that happens once the sun goes down over the mountains. Suddenly the mood changes, the temperature drops about 10 degrees and the feeling is one of total peace.  One day as I was nearing the end of my hike, the sun had just gone down and I stopped to enjoy the moment of feeling one with nature.  Then something strange happened. As I gazed at the mountains before me I noticed something that I have never noticed before; I could see small “squigly lines” moving through the air. “What is that?” I asked myself as I tried to adjust and focus my eyes from left to right to see if the lines were everywhere.  They were.  I then had the a most magnificent realization that what I was seeing was energy. Mind you that I had been on a personal journey of enlightenment and raising conscious awareness for half of the year already, and this discovery came along in divine timing with many others.

From this point forward each hike I took became more enjoyable for me not only because I could stop at any moment and gaze at the funny lines in the air but I also began to have moments when I felt like I was the only human being in existence.  Of course I was out there by myself, in the middle of the desert, but I would literally feel like the Earth and all living things were surrounding me but that I, personally, was not physically there.  I felt like a projection, a holograph I suppose.  At other times I would feel like I was seeing everything through the eyes of someone else.  It is the oddest feeling in the world!  What IS that?

In recent years there have been many energetic shifts and changes on the planet and I know of many other people who have had wild and crazy things happening to them as well.  Times are changing, people are becoming more aware of themselves and energies and more mindful of consciousness on the rise.  Those who are comfortable in their lifestyles may continue living without even realizing that anything has changed. Many are suddenly submerged into a world of confusion and indecision, suddenly becoming disinterested with everything and wondering what is wrong with them.  If this is happening to you then most likely you are hearing the call of awakening, which consists of breaking down and getting rid of everything that no longer serves you.  “Out with the old and in with the new!”  It can be an incredibly scary journey but most satisfying once through it.  The key is to let go ~ but how many of us are willing to do so?  So the big question you must ask yourself is, “who do I want to be?”

Onward and upward in our spiritual journeys!

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